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Denoting a miniature version of something.
  1. 'Pack a touch-up kit containing mini versions of your favourite cosmetic products.'
  2. 'Couldn't we reduce this mini war of words to an exaggerated example of tomayto/ tomahto?'
  3. 'They staged a series of mini protests, each time stopping traffic for about five minutes.'
  4. 'She had dark blonde hair, and was like a mini version of Kiri, which was rather strange.'
  5. 'A number of ladies are walking for charity in the Dublin ladies mini marathon on bank holiday Monday, June 6.'
  6. 'There, smaller children can enjoy the thrills on this mini version and maybe even look after their less adventurous parents as well!'
  7. 'The shop keepers have to turn back many teenagers who come expecting to find mini music systems, cameras and electric razors.'
  8. 'No one was ever seen, but the high gates and security cameras of this mini Beverly Hills-sur-Mer invited gossip.'
  9. 'For the version with an added insert, baste mini piping to the lower edge of the insert, matching the raw edges.'
  10. 'Your service is so independent, you even get your own, private mini army - the Marine Corps.'


A very short skirt or dress.
  1. 'Enid stays defiant in fat-heeled boots, tight minis, a raptor tee shirt and purple lipstick.'
  2. 'Michelle had on a black leather mini and a shirt that showed off her midriff and belly button.'
  3. 'When dressing for oneself, minis, which are very much in style, are an obvious choice for any fashion fiend this winter.'
  4. 'So I quickly run up stairs and slip on my pink mini, pleated skirt, and my tank top and run down stairs.'
  5. 'Wear a skirt, but not a bloody mini, and a Marks and Sparks blouse.'
  6. 'You don't show up at a corporate board meeting in a denim mini and a corset top.'
  7. 'Some were attired in figure-hugging minis, some were dressed in sparkling evening wear and a few in casuals.'
  8. 'She had on a clingy black halter top, a leather mini, and black knee - length suede boots.'
  9. 'Even if I did wear really short minis it still needed to be in my comfort zone.'
  10. 'I was under my bed looking for my heels that would go nice with my black leather mini that I had on.'
  1. 'It's interesting how Kevin Rollins' comments coincided with the release of the Mac mini.'
  2. 'A faster Mac mini with an 80GB disk will also be available for $599 and both ship in eleven days time.'
  3. 'But the minis are CPUs only so you need to add your own display, keyboard and mouse.'


1. miniskirt.

2. a minicomputer.

3. anything of a small, reduced, or miniature size. adjective

4. of the length of a miniskirt.

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"news can be mini at plants."

"sessions can be mini."

"cars can be mini."

"vehicles can be mini."

"raises can be mini."

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1960s: abbreviation.