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cardinal number

The number equivalent to the product of a thousand and a thousand; 1,000,000 or 10⁶
  1. 'a population of half a million'
  2. 'In Yorkshire alone, nearly half a million homes are at risk of low demand and abandonment.'
  3. 'More than half a million people need to go to the doctor, and a third of these end up in hospital.'
  4. 'At its peak the British auxiliary forces consisted of nearly half a million members.'
  5. 'As a result, the album was a relative flop, failing to sell even one million copies.'
  6. 'In this way, it is estimated that some half a million people will be pushed off benefits.'
  7. 'Organisers countered by claiming that at least half a million people joined the demo.'
  8. 'The total figures might have reached ten million by the end of the past century.'
  9. 'Despite the lucrative land sales, the village had only three million yuan in its accounts.'
  10. 'Last year more than half a million homes were left empty for at least a month at a time.'
  11. 'One radar sweep covers 6 million cubic miles.'
  12. 'The report wrongly gave earnings and revenue numbers in billions rather than millions.'
  13. 'Before European settlers arrived, gray wolves once roamed all over North America, their population in the millions.'
  14. 'millions of TV viewers'
  15. 'Some in Mexico view the exodus of millions of people as an embarrassment while others as an escape valve for social unrest.'
  16. 'He should give some thought to the millions of viewers disenfranchised by the sell-out.'
  17. 'What parent - Morgan among them - would want their child's every misstep or embarrassment exaggerated and witnessed by millions?'
  18. 'It has cost that state multiple millions of dollars.'
  19. 'Although the discrepancy may not look large, it is likely to represent very significant sums of money when multiplied by millions of customers.'
  20. 'Voice is the one application that every business uses, with millions of telephone calls being made every day.'
  21. 'We had many cases that involved multiple defendants and millions of dollars of counterfeit money.'
  22. 'To provide that level of service we would be talking about spending literally millions of pounds.'
  23. 'Despite the abundance, there are still millions of people who go without water, or have to battle to get drips for consumption.'
  24. 'In most countries, ensuring all children improved access to basic services would require millions - not billions - of dollars.'
  25. 'you're one in a million'
  26. 'Influenza, whose genes evolve a million times faster than ours, is a master of adaptability.'
  27. 'Suddenly it's nearly Christmas and I still have a million and one things to do.'
  28. 'I drove a sports car about a week ago and the brakes are about a million times better than that.'
  29. 'the author is set to make millions'
  30. 'Didn't they invest a few million into the company a few years ago?'
  31. 'They stand to lose millions in revenue following the discovery of one infected cow in Alberta in May this year.'
  32. 'The sense that historical fiction had sunk to the condition of adventure stories for boys, and romance for the millions, cast a blight on the genre in the 20th cent.'

More definitions

1. a cardinal number, a thousand times one thousand.

2. a symbol for this number, as 1,000,000 or M̅.

3. millions, a number between 1,000,000 and 999,999,999, as in referring to an amount of money: His fortune was in the millions of dollars.

4. the amount of a thousand thousand units of money, as pounds, dollars, or francs: The three Dutch paintings fetched a million.

5. a very great number of times: Thanks a million.

6. the mill

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"people can be millions."


(million)Late Middle English: from Old French, probably from Italian milione, from mille ‘thousand’ + the augmentative suffix -one.


gone a million
look (or feel)(like) a million dollars