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Not severe, serious, or harsh.
  1. 'mild flu-like symptoms'
  2. '‘The penalty is too mild to really curb the big power thefts,’ it said.'
  3. 'Madam Harzecrass sat me down in her office at the end of my extraordinarily mild punishment.'
  4. 'But the routine checks by the watchdogs have been poor, and punishment has been too mild.'
  5. 'And penalties for violating the law are so mild that companies routinely and deliberately break it.'
  6. 'Such men are far too important to spend their time on foot patrol, and indeed in some forces such duty is used as a mild punishment.'
  7. 'These sentences may appear strikingly mild by today's standards.'
  8. 'Jays attempted to avoid such delays, which served as mild punishment.'
  9. 'I would not put it past him to make me run the distance as a mild sort of punishment for leaving the palace.'
  10. 'This bill came back to the House with a meek and mild penalty regime.'
  11. 'The climate is mild and humid throughout the year, with a dry and cold season from November to March.'
  12. 'However, the mild weather did not persist, and bitter cold accompanied by severe storms characterized much of March and April.'
  13. 'The temperate climate has mild to warm summers and cool winters.'
  14. 'The weather was mild to hot and humid, with partly cloudy to cloudy skies.'
  15. 'However, the mild weather during late winter and early spring has resulted in the early hatching of over-wintered Nematodirus eggs.'
  16. 'For winter bloom (in mild climates), mix in plenty of calendula, pansies, primroses, or violas.'
  17. 'In the Mediterranean region the weather is mild and rainy in the winter and dry and very hot in the summer.'
  18. 'October has come round again and the weather is still mild, with the cold snap we had last weekend coming as a shock.'
  19. 'To control plant size and shape, prune in winter in mild climates.'
  20. 'Ireland doesn't have an extreme climate: the weather is normally mild throughout these winter months.'
  21. 'she looked at him in mild surprise'
  22. 'I strip everything down and look at it from every angle in order to find out why my response is mild annoyance or absolute rage.'
  23. 'The pretty green eyes didn't hold a trace of disgust or annoyance, just mild interest and a spark of something close to fear.'
  24. 'I stared at it for fifteen minutes in a state of mild alarm, wondering what it might say, or who it could be from.'
  25. 'I am in a ‘sorting out mild irritations’ mood today.'
  26. 'The technician's face was stuck between mild agitation and intense curiosity.'
  27. 'She shook her head, pushing aside the mild feeling of the room spinning.'
  28. 'From an emotional point of view, they may experience mild feelings, but never take the initiative to minimize or prevent the problem.'
  29. 'From mild irritation to intense rage, anger increases the heart rate and blood pressure.'
  30. 'Unfortunately, after uttering that word, most roll their eyes or curl their upper lip in mild disgust and just plain lose interest in the conversation.'
  31. 'Another session examines ways to establish relaxation as our ‘default’ mode in preference to our customary states of stress and mild panic.'
  32. 'Short bursts of a potent topical steroid is just as effective as prolonged use of a mild preparation for treating atopic eczema.'
  33. 'That started back around month 2 of chemotherapy, and my oncologist had prescribed some mild sedatives to help in this regard.'
  34. 'Skincare specialists the world over know this, which is why while prescribing medicine for any skin problems, they use a mild tranquilizer containing drugs.'
  35. 'Some women find that avoiding caffeine, sticking to a low salt diet, or taking aspirin or mild analgesics may help.'
  36. 'Biopsies can be uncomfortable and you may be given a mild sedative or local anaesthetic.'
  37. 'Paracetomal is a relatively safe mild analgesic, with very few known side-effects.'
  38. 'Some analgesics combine both mild non-opioid drugs such as aspirin or paracetamol, with a small amount of opioid in a single tablet.'
  39. 'It is a mild stimulant and is potentially addictive, but harmless.'
  40. 'Hart explains that the gas acts as a mild analgesic and a sedative.'
  41. 'a mild Italian cheese'
  42. 'The brat was cooked through and not greasy, but it tasted more like a mild sausage dog.'
  43. 'We decided to let the chips fall as they may and not indicate our spiciness preference, and as it turned out, the food was mild for the most part.'
  44. 'Slow simmering of whole cloves in liquids such as stocks, soups and stews releases a mild garlic flavor.'
  45. 'With the beef came four dips: three were mayonnaise-based - flavoured with mustard, mild curry or lime - and a tomato salsa.'
  46. 'Farmer's Cheese, Monterey Jack or a mild cheddar are suitable substitutes.'
  47. 'Shepherd's purse leaves, which have a mild mustard flavour, have been used as a green vegetable in many regions.'
  48. 'But I regret opting for the mild spice on my steak.'
  49. 'This hit the spot for me and the mild cheese and spinach acted as a good foil to the punchy pesto and distinctive asparagus.'
  50. 'When your appetite returns, eat mild foods such as rice, dry toast, or bananas.'
  51. 'My favorite foods are mild chicken wings, fries, and turkey sandwiches.'
Gentle and not easily provoked.
  1. 'He hasn't a charismatic figure or a flamboyant style, but he is definitely mild, modest and mellow.'
  2. 'Sure, vegetables have that pure, clean feel to them: thin, mild, gentle flavours that make you feel thin, mild, and gentle.'
  3. 'Alexander curbed his annoyance and continued in a calm, mild voice.'
  4. 'Ann was a lady of gentle and mild disposition who was very well liked in the area.'
  5. 'For some it is the shock, for some it is spontaneity in a gentle and mild way.'
  6. 'The apparently mild exterior and the guileless blue eyes mask a single-minded determination to carve out a successful career.'
  7. 'Her gentle, good humoured and obliging nature, mild manner and unassuming disposition commended her to all fortunate enough to make her acquaintance.'
  8. 'He was mild and gentle, and when he prayed in his dining room he shook and swayed, and kissed the prayerbook when he was done.'
  9. 'Vieira delivers this so-strident assertion with so mild a voice.'
  10. 'His mild manner, gentle graciousness, and total dedication to mathematics leave an indelible impression on all who have gotten to know him.'


A kind of dark beer not strongly flavoured with hops.
  1. '‘It is very typically Manchester as it is a dark mild,’ he said.'


1. amiably gentle or temperate in feeling or behavior toward others.

2. characterized by or showing such gentleness, as manners or speech: a mild voice.

3. not cold, severe, or extreme, as air or weather: mild breezes.

4. not sharp, pungent, or strong: a mild flavor.

5. not acute or serious, as disease: a mild case of flu.

6. gentle or moderate in force or effect: mild penalties.

7. soft; pleasant: mild sunshine.

8. moderate in intensity, deg

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"temperatures can be mild in/at/on weeks."

"volumes can be mild at shares."

"conditions can be mild in/at/on dates."

"weathers can be mild in places."

"fluctuations can be mild in unions."

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Old English milde (originally in the sense ‘gracious, not severe in command’), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German mild, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin mollis and Greek malthakos ‘soft’.