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So small as to be visible only with a microscope.
  1. 'Diarrhoea was defined as watery when the patient passed at least three loose stools per day without visible blood or microscopic red blood and polymorphonuclear cells in the specimen.'
  2. 'The presence of microscopic algae in the circulatory system and internal organs can help to locate where the victim died, as they vary from place to place.'
  3. 'Within spongy layers of sea ice, microscopic algae bloom in profusion as sunlight floods in from above.'
  4. 'To their scientists, the visible snow is only a small part of all the settling material that is mostly microscopic and not visible to the naked eye.'
  5. 'Coccoliths are the extremely small calcareous parts of microscopic marine algae.'
  6. 'Snow algae are colorful, microscopic organisms that thrive in the chilly, acidic, sun-blasted, and nutrient-poor confines of melting snow.'
  7. 'The only life found in the lake are some microscopic algae that live between certain layers of water within variable depths of the lake.'
  8. 'They feed on many types microscopic algae that grow on calcareous material, such as coral skeletons.'
  9. 'This microscopic, single-celled green algae contains more chlorophyll than any known plant - nearly four times the amount found in spirulina.'
  10. 'To begin with, when at a length of only 7 mm, young chub feed primarily on microscopic algae and diatoms.'
  11. 'a microscopic skirt'
  12. 'It's an epic, but at the heart of it is an extremely detailed and microscopic view of human nature.'
  13. 'His dream was big whereas my dream by comparison is tiny, almost microscopic.'
  14. 'Rip him apart into teeny tiny microscopic pieces.'
  15. 'Remind me why paying $25.00 for two endive leaves and a microscopic piece of seared tuna on a tiny plate would make sense on any planet in the universe?'
  16. 'One of my concerns, echoing those of Duster, is the manner in which external traits previously linked to race might now become microscopic objects of distrust and abnormalcy.'
  17. 'Indeed, large stones of the day were not polished, making it quite impossible for microscopic letters to be inscribed on them in any visible way.'
  18. 'such a vision is as microscopic as his is panoramic'
  19. 'What exact history is realized in a universe does, of course, depend on microscopic details.'
  20. 'Independent of the microscopic details, such problems can be described at long times by a random walker moving along a tilted potential or, equivalently, a biased random walker.'
  21. 'None the less, neither darkness nor joy eclipse her humour, most evident in the fantasy of microscopic details in her drawings, scratched into layer upon layer of textured colour.'
  22. 'And so, let me take this time to list a few of the many microscopic details that make ordinary day to day living worth it all for me.'
  23. 'It's often said that television is an impressionistic medium, good at putting across feelings, not details - of giving an overview, not a microscopic survey.'
  24. 'Specific, sometimes microscopic, detail is used here, too, in a kind of a cinematic structure cutting back and forth between the two narratives.'
  25. 'A number of microscopic details will be neglected.'
  26. 'Near these points, the behaviour of the system is universal and does not depend on the microscopic details.'
Relating to a microscope.
  1. 'All slides were coded for microscopic analysis at 1250x magnification.'
  2. 'Red cells and hemoglobin may be accompanied by seeing red cells in a microscopic examination, by a positive chemical analysis for blood or by both.'
  3. 'One person determined spermatozoal motility using light microscopy for five microscopic fields for each collection.'
  4. 'In many cases of heel pain located about 3cm above the heel bone, there is no inflammation present when the tendon is scanned or viewed by microscopic analysis.'
  5. 'Microscopic scoring was performed on coded slides and, to minimize variability, the same expert performed all the microscopic analyses.'
  6. 'No bacteria were visible upon microscopic examination after growing the purified fungal isolates in liquid or on solid YPD medium without the antibiotics.'
  7. 'Upon microscopic examination, the lens capsular epithelium was swollen, and there was a ring of densely packed cells surrounding the exposed region.'
  8. 'The methods for crystallization and electron microscopic analysis have been described previously.'
  9. 'Membrane tethers usually have diameters of the order of tens of nanometers, so they were barely visible under normal microscopic conditions.'
  10. 'For microscopic analysis of induced cell death and fungal development, Trypan Blue staining was performed on individual leaves.'


1. so small as to be invisible or indistinct without the use of the microscope: microscopic organisms. Compare macroscopic.

2. very small; tiny.

3. of, relating to, or involving a microscope: microscopic investigation.

4. very detailed; meticulous: a microscopic view of society.

5. suggestive of the precise use of the microscope; minute: microscopic exactness.

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"particulates can be microscopic in sizes."

"examinations can be microscopic."

"traces can be microscopic."

"particles can be microscopic."

"organisms can be microscopic."

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