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Done according to a systematic or established procedure.
  1. 'Victory over the French may have been completed in a methodical, if not exciting fashion, but England will be warned not to switch off now.'
  2. 'It includes magical incantations, but most of the text takes a methodical, empirical approach to diagnosis and treatment.'
  3. 'This slow pace results from a methodical and exhaustive research process.'
  4. 'Why is it that we don't treat our search for a partner with the same methodical approach as other major decisions, like buying a house or finding a job?'
  5. 'His major motifs are still walls and human figures and he paints them with the same methodical approach to surface detailing as he had done in the past.'
  6. 'The methodical process and careful attention that Gibbs has devoted to his work belies the banality of his subject.'
  7. 'At 15, she took up golf and immediately thrived on her country's uniquely methodical approach to fostering the best young talent.'
  8. 'In terms of its careful emphasis on surprise, artillery concentration, and methodical planning, Amiens pointed the way ahead to Alamein.'
  9. 'The methodical search even involved a police sniffer dog, three-year-old Harvey.'
  10. 'We are going to undertake a fairly rigorous and methodical approach.'
  11. 'she was so methodical, she kept everything documented'
  12. 'They are methodical, consistent and, most important, they are honest.'
  13. 'As a Capricorn I'm very methodical, and with Moon in Gemini I gather data into a philosophical structure.'
  14. 'You are methodical and orderly, solving problems logically, and wasting little time on superficial matters.'
  15. 'I was more methodical this time, going through the presented menu, trying, in vain, to taste every dish.'
  16. 'He was a most methodical man and, on daily walks in the College garden and elsewhere, he counted the number of paces from one place to another.'
  17. 'He's methodical and doesn't race irrationally or run over racers to gain position.'
  18. 'He was methodical about it and did his best to ignore his companions.'
  19. 'My mother was very methodical in the way she used this notebook.'
  20. 'Beneath the swashbuckling image is a methodical player who makes the safe, smart move nine times out of 10.'
  21. 'He was methodical, efficient, uncorruptible, perhaps even capable of being ruthless.'


1. performed, disposed, or acting in a systematic way; systematic; orderly: a methodical person.

2. painstaking, especially slow and careful; deliberate.

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"people can be methodical in approaches."

"people can be methodical."

"approaches can be methodical."

"ways can be methodical."

"manners can be methodical."

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Late 16th century: via late Latin from Greek methodikos (from methodos: see method)+ -al.