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Very large; huge.
  1. 'The mega arches erected at various points in the city might have put to shame even the political parties that are known for their ostentatious celebrations.'
  2. 'He draws on experiments he dreamt up as a professor - lifting a mega magnet using a giant air cushion - to illustrate basic concepts such as weight and mass.'
  3. 'It is important to bear in mind that unlike many cities, Bangalore has witnessed growth in all directions, and Metro Rail should be a mega project aimed at connecting all parts of the city.'
  4. 'Chang said his shipyard is now working on another mega yacht - a whopping 77m craft that will be in the world's top 10.'
  5. 'So isn't this kind of a huge advantage when one candidate is such a big mega celebrity?'
  6. 'The long-awaited Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai mega bridge is likely to be completed by 2008, according to Hopewell Holdings chairman Gordon Wu.'
  7. 'I was in Beijing recently, which is another mega city that grew quickly.'
  8. 'Internet hyperbole was still rampant and some Wall Street types, sensing a mega investment banking deal in the works, raved about the huge valuation this business would command.'
  9. 'What's distorting the market is the phenomenal growth of the mega law firm.'
  10. 'Rous Water's target consumption rate is 25 mega litres per day.'
  1. 'A grand mega show featuring several mini screen stars would be held as part of the launching of the cassette on July 14 at the Kalabhavan Auditorium.'


  1. 'A hotel and golfing centre for the mega rich is on course to open in Savernake Forest in about two and a half years' time.'
  2. 'Blowing a gale and it rained just before we started but otherwise it was the super mega deluxe version of golf days with everything laid on.'
  3. 'She is the sort of one-day-maybe-me dream that inspires the merely very rich to toil and scheme to become mega rich.'
  4. 'So the current plan is I work to bring in money until he gets everything else up and running and then instead of just about getting by, we get mega rich.'
  5. 'You do not have to be mega rich to acquire antiques.'
  6. 'The decision to pursue your muse as your career, despite the risks, hardships and the knowledge you will never be famous or mega rich - that is my kind of Idol.'
  7. 'It's unlikely that the mega rich will be able to increase the size of their wealth at the rate that they've been doing.'
  8. 'I spent quite awhile studying the eye makeup - the thick black eyeliner, the mega dramatic lashes and beautiful, voluminous one-sided pony tail.'
  9. 'I was mega organised this month in my budgeting and shock horror still haven't run out of money this month, long may this continue!'
  10. 'Following this they will pick up a club class flight to Monaco, home of the mega rich and famous, for a two-night stay in David Coulthard's Columbus Hotel.'


1. variant of megalo- (megalith); also the initial element in units of measure that are equal to one million of the units denoted by the base word (megahertz). Symbol:M.

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"mergers can be mega."

"projects can be mega."

"deals can be mega."

"issues can be mega."

"regulators can be mega."

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(mega-)1980s: independent usage of mega-.