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Full of or resembling meat.
  1. 'I wanted them to serve me something meaty.'
  2. 'Then she is bustling away, a whirlwind of activity, testing a pot of meaty soup with a spoon that she pulls out of nowhere, sticking a sliver of wood into a rising cake in an open oven to check that it is cooking.'
  3. 'He was right; they were meaty and flavorful, so she ate another.'
  4. 'The same recipe can be used for a meaty version too, by making tomato pasta sauce with mince, and leaving the pumpkin out of the cottage cheese mix.'
  5. 'They're sort of meaty in appearance, like dried meat, they're cubed so you can break them away in sections.'
  6. '‘No, nothing,’ Arven swallowed a bite of his meaty dish.'
  7. 'In this case, they were far from trendy al dente vegetables and had a rich meaty, sharp flavour, which I would happily have had as a main course.'
  8. 'the tall, meaty young man'
  9. 'I know she would have hated Marie, and that Marie was everything she wasn't, but I think that was kind of the point; French, tall, slightly meaty, and blonde, Marie is nothing like her.'
  10. 'Blanchett, who is a damn good actress and a really pretty one, gets a meaty role on paper, as a disillusioned, pregnant and romantically confused woman.'
  11. 'It's an exercise in atmosphere that gives her a chance to sink her teeth into the meaty role of femme fatale Margaret.'
  12. 'It also offers Woronov her first meaty film role since Bartel's Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills 13 years ago.'
  13. 'He also gives the subsidiary characters - a dim married couple and a meddlesome mother-in-law - meaty roles whose farce is grounded in wry truth.'
  14. 'It's good to see women of our age group like Linney, Julianne Moore and Patricia Clarkson get some meaty roles that allow them to have some sensuality.'
  15. 'The work provides its singers with some meaty roles.'
  16. 'Nice to see awesome actors like Olmos and Alonso getting meaty roles that have nothing to do with their ethnicity.'


1. of or like meat.

2. abounding in meat.

3. rich in content or thought-provoking matter; full of substance: a meaty topic for discussion.

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"foods can be meaty."

"textures can be meaty."

"roles can be meaty."

"stylings can be meaty."

"stuffs can be meaty."

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