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Ridiculously small or few.
  1. 'All that work to find out that I owe less than - wait for it - a measly £7!'
  2. 'All fans get is a measly theatrical trailer for the film.'
  3. 'He had made that long trek here for a few measly minutes of conversation.'
  4. 'Why can't you sell us just one measly bag of your rice?'
  5. 'The highest rating that movie got was three measly stars.'
  6. 'He was about six feet tall while I was a measly five.'
  7. 'As investors tire of measly 2% returns, they could dip more earnestly into stocks.'
  8. 'She hated the long hours, the measly wages, the heat of the kitchen, and most of all, she hated that she never saw Noah.'
  9. 'She worked in a bar for minimum wage and practically lived off of the measly tips she made.'
  10. 'Rune looked at her measly amount of writing and felt ashamed.'


1. Informal. contemptibly small, meager, or slight: They paid me a measly fifteen dollars for a day's work. wretchedly bad or unsatisfactory: a measly performance.

2. infected with measles, as an animal or its flesh.

3. pertaining to or resembling measles.

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"turnovers can be measly at pesos."

"sums can be measly."

"increases can be measly."

"amounts can be measly."

"yuans can be measly."

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Late 16th century (describing a pig or pork infected with measles): from measles + -y. The current sense dates from the mid 19th century.