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Resembling or containing meal.
  1. 'mealy puddings'
  2. 'Chana masala is an intense dish of chick peas in a hot and spicy masala sauce, which retains a lush mealy quality, often served with pilau rice.'
  3. 'mealy leaves'


1. having the qualities of meal; powdery; soft, dry, and crumbly: mealy potatoes; a mealy stone.

2. of or containing meal; farinaceous: baked fish with a mealy crust.

3. covered with or as if with meal or powder: flowers mealy with their pollen.

4. flecked as if with meal; spotty: horses with mealy hides.

5. pale; sallow: a mealy complexion.

6. mealy-mouthed.

More examples(as adjective)

"bugs can be mealy."

"fleshs can be mealy."

"stems can be mealy."

"redpollses can be mealy."

"puddings can be mealy."

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