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(of something provided or available) lacking in quantity or quality.
  1. 'a meagre diet of bread and beans'
  2. 'The institutions' motivation is obvious: they are thinking about what you'll be earning in ten years time, rather than the meagre sums many students earn now.'
  3. 'Colin Farrell, the latest Irish actor to make it in Hollywood, might command millions for a movie, but other Irish actors are struggling on meagre wages in theatre and television at home.'
  4. 'Shadowy clouds completely obscured the moon, leaving a meager handful of stars to vainly attempt to provide light.'
  5. 'Its greatest weakness is its meager budget and limited scope.'
  6. 'Shadows offered only meagre protection, but it was protection I was thankful for as I listened to her footsteps come down the hall toward me, the steps slow and measured.'
  7. 'Earnings on this level fall to a meagre three cents a share.'
  8. 'Although she was managing to get by on the meagre salary she drew tutoring primary-school children after school, it most likely wouldn't last.'
  9. 'He had laid off some heavy bets recently and his meagre earnings as a postman would not cover them.'
  10. 'A staggering 71% of workers in the industry don't even have access to a pension at work and many will be reliant on a meagre state pension to provide their retirement income.'
  11. 'Through the solid floor of the abode, the chill of winter seeped in, fettered little by the meagre warmth provided by the fire.'
  12. 'She seemed so meagre and weak, like her body had lost that glow.'
  13. 'The gutters were choked with inedible refuse: sticks, feathers, rags, skeletons of animals that had been boiled for their meager flesh.'



    1. deficient in quantity or quality; lacking fullness or richness; scanty; inadequate: a meager salary; meager fare; a meager harvest.

    2. having little flesh; lean; thin: a body meager with hunger.

    3. maigre.

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    "turnovers can be meager at lots."

    "volumes can be meager."

    "rises can be meager."

    "returns can be meager."

    "gains can be meager."

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    Mid 16th century: from French, noun use of maigre ‘lean, thin’.