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Reduce (a food or other substance) to a pulpy mass by crushing it.
  1. 'mashed banana'
  2. 'The recipe book notes that over-ripe bananas can be mashed then frozen until ready to use for baking.'
  3. 'The fish was served on a pile of sorrel with mashed chickpeas.'
  4. 'Just before you're ready to serve the stew, mash one or two of the potatoes against the cooker's side, and blend them into the broth.'
  5. 'Once the potatoes have been mashed, ensuring that there are no lumps left in the mash, add the sliced spring onions and give the potatoes one final whip.'
  6. 'Stir in the rest of the ingredients and use a potato masher to mash everything together, being careful not to scratch the pot's nonstick surface.'
  7. 'We had to mash her food for a while but she's better now.'
  8. 'For complete neophytes, you mash squash and potatoes with a potato masher.'
  9. 'And don't forget, they can also be mashed like potatoes for a bit of variety.'
  10. 'Mash together the sage, thyme and pine nuts with a little bit of olive oil, either using a mortar and pestle, a small food-processor, or by chopping the pine nuts and herbs and then mashing the mixture with a spoon.'
  11. 'You may use steamed and mashed homemade foods or baby foods from jars.'
  12. 'They'd take it, mash the flowers into pulp and use it to dye their fabrics for the village.'
  13. 'When the water is cool enough, use your hands to mash the pulp as finely as possible.'
  14. 'A vision passes through my mind of marine plumbing 100 years ago, the toilet flushing immediately in front of the paddle-wheel for the discharge to be mashed up.'
  15. 'Companies purchase thousands of tons of old newsprint every year: they mash it into a pulp, skim the ink off the top, and make more newsprint.'
  16. 'He beautifully captures the Lord of the Flies cruelty of insecure adolescents grasping for their place on the ladder, mashing the faces of those below them under heel.'
  17. 'When the lizards find him at the bottom of the hill, he is mashed to a pulp, and there is nothing left but some fur and bones.'
  18. 'The little brats will only mash it into your lovely oiled floorboards and goatskin rugs.'
  19. 'Today he danced precariously on the summit, mashing to a pulp the thick green leaves of a branch of pig's-face under his feet.'
  20. 'She forcefully reached over and mashed the play button, storming out of the room as the message began to play for her boss.'
  21. 'Half the action scenes felt like someone was mashing the gas pedal while the parking brake was still engaged.'
  22. 'It's smooth and responsive, quickly downshifting when the gas is mashed, and upshifting late or early depending on what the driver is doing with the throttle.'
  23. 'I mean, come on, who would really run to the cameras with their face completely mashed up just to make her sales go up?'
(in brewing) mix (powdered malt) with hot water to form wort.
  1. 'Mash the malt and maintain it at 67°C until the wort ceases to give a positive reaction with iodine.'
  2. 'We have inherited two mighty tubs intended, probably, for mashing illicit whisky, but since we took over the quondam pig and Christmas tree empire, each of them contains a geranium.'
  3. 'It’s full of the rich, complex malt flavors that only mashing will give you.'
(with reference to tea) brew or infuse.
  1. no object 'we'd let the pot mash for ten minutes'
  2. 'They decided to wait, so we asked them to take a seat and mashed a pot of tea in preparation for a chat.'
  3. 'She fried me two eggs and mashed a pot of tea.'
  4. 'I bit my tongue, and mashed a cup of tea to silence the rumbling of our stomachs.'


A soft mass made by crushing a substance into a pulp, sometimes with the addition of liquid.
  1. 'In the market I see people grinding up thumb-joint sized crabs in a pestle and mortar to make a vile green-brown mash.'
  2. 'My companion opted for the red roasted pork fillet with rocket mash and gazpacho salsa.'
  3. 'Place the sweet potato mash in the centre of the plate and then the seared kangaroo on the potato facing inwards.'
  4. 'This was served with a creamy mash of onion, peas and capers, and it lifted the mash to balance beautifully with the fish.'
  5. 'Try seared sea bass with butternut squash purée, chicory and white bean sauce, and roast venison with confit savoy cabbage and tarragon mash.'
  6. 'The Panchara Patta is eaten by being crushed by hand into flakes, adding to a banana mash and mixing the two well.'
  7. 'And finally, sambal is a mash of peppers rather than a sauce.'
  8. 'Serve the leek mash on four warmed dinner plates.'
  9. 'My sister informed me she'd finished her task and gave me the garlic mash which I scattered in a line across the front entry way.'
  10. 'Vendors wander the sand selling newspaper cones of peanuts or of lentil mash flavoured with chilli, ginger, curry leaves and salted green mango.'
  11. 'for supper there was sausages and mash'
  12. 'The rump steak was succulent and was served with creamy mash, although the overcooked ratatouille let the dish down.'
  13. 'We still do roasts on site and we still do pies, and fish and chips, and sausage and mash.'
  14. 'Creamy garlic-flavoured potato mash would be delicious with this and the tomato and watercress salad below.'
  15. 'The Cumberland sausage and mash served on an adjoining table looked vast.'
  16. 'As the name suggests, the menu contains a lot of sausage and mash and steamed puddings, but it's fun, fast and all wonderfully fattening.'
  17. 'King Edwards, for example are a dry floury potato that will disintegrate around the edges when boiled, so makes excellent mash, roast and chips.'
  18. 'It was tender and tasty, and the potato and chive mash was every bit as good as our waiter had promised.'
  19. 'She did sausages and mash and toad in the hole - that was one of our favourites.'
  20. 'I am not sure there is a more welcoming sight on a cold autumn evening than a trio of sticky, glistening sausages and a deep pile of creamy mash.'
  21. 'This dish is perfect served with creamy mash and buttered cabbage.'
  22. 'Starter mash for chicks and poults usually has amprolium added, which is a coccidiostat.'
  23. 'He had run her too much; he would have to tell Meric, the stable boy, to give her oats and a mash, plus a blanket to stop her from shivering.'
  24. 'Protein-rich worm feed and chicken mash are added for supplements.'
  25. 'This imparts a distinctive taste to the fermented barley mash from which the water of life is distilled.'
  26. 'To make the mash, the malted barley is crushed between rollers and then wet with hot water, at around 65°C.'

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1. mashed potatoes: The pork chop comes with string beans and mashed.

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"potatoes can be mashed."

"foods can be mashed."

"breads can be mashed."

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"ups can be mashed."

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Old English māsc (as a brewing term), of West Germanic origin; perhaps ultimately related to mix.


mash something up