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Soak (meat, fish, or other food) in a marinade.
  1. 'Sauerbraten is a famous beef dish which involves marinating the meat in a sour (wine, vinegar, buttermilk) marinade, braising it, and serving it with a sweetened sauce.'
  2. 'We gluttonously overordered the grilled and marinated meats, even retracing our steps for seconds.'
  3. 'The adobo marinade may be used to marinate raw meat for up to twenty-four hours before grilling or roasting.'
  4. 'What is more it not only lifts your spirits but also can be used to add flavour to meals - to moisten breads and puddings, marinate meats and make savoury sauces.'
  5. 'Kangaroo and emu meat were marinated, cooked and presented during the ceremony.'
  6. 'Some recipes state to marinate meat and poultry for several hours or days, either to tenderize or add flavor.'
  7. 'I started with poached Scottish lobster in a tian of avocado, marinated red pepper with a caviar dressing.'
  8. 'Meat, chicken and fish are often marinated in a paste of raw ginger and garlic before cooking.'
  9. 'Carter followed the traditional process by marinating meat, poultry, and fish overnight.'
  10. 'The pork is marinated in red wine for two days before being stuffed with cheese and fried.'
  11. 'leave the meat in a cool place to marinate overnight'
  12. 'Allow the lamb to marinate in the refrigerator overnight.'
  13. 'The chicken, carrots, and onions had marinated for four hours in a hellish brew of red habañero mash and distilled capsicum extract.'
  14. 'Cover duck and place in refrigerator overnight to marinate.'
  15. 'Stored at less than 1 degree, the Parsons's feta ages and marinates on site.'
  16. 'These were all placed in the refrigerator to marinate overnight.'
  17. 'While the beef is marinating, in a small mixing bowl, mix the remaining soy sauce, sake, sugar, black pepper, 2 Tablespoons water, corn starch and sesame oil.'
  18. 'Take one medium-sized puffin, leave it in a vat of porridge overnight to marinate and in the morning enjoy this hearty breakfast.'
  19. 'When the beef has marinated for long enough, it is time to assemble the skewers.'

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verb (used with object), marinated, marinating.

1. to steep (food) in a marinade.


(marinate)Mid 17th century: from Italian marinare ‘pickle in brine’, or from French mariner (from marine ‘brine’).