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A large extinct elephant of the Pleistocene epoch, typically hairy with a sloping back and long curved tusks.
  1. 'The back cover claims it presents the wonderful story of the elephant, from the extinct mammoths of the Ice Age to their present day battle for survival.'
  2. 'Woolly mammoths are perhaps the best known mammals of the Ice Age.'
  3. 'The demise of Neanderthals may, instead, have resembled that of mammoths in North America.'
  4. 'The latest research on mammoth tusks shows that young male mammoths were being forced out of family groups much earlier than normal.'
  5. 'Environmental evidence suggests the site was once a series of ponds used as a watering place, although it is unclear whether the mammoths died of natural causes and were later scavenged, or were killed by Neanderthal hunters.'
  6. 'From mammoths and mastodons the Clovis foragers would have learned much about edible wild plants.'
  7. 'Woolly mammoths, which are now extinct, lived from the Pleistocene to the early Holocene period from about 120,000 to 4,000 years ago.'
  8. 'Scientists tell us that around 14,000 years ago North America was the home of large populations of mammoths and mastodons.'
  9. 'And what this ingenious man did was section the trunks of mastodonts and mammoths and read their life history.'
  10. 'With current cloning techniques could mammoths be brought back from extinction?'


  1. 'For this one mammoth presentation alone, the set is worth the price of digital admission.'
  2. 'Like any mammoth task, it can be difficult to get started.'
  3. 'But here I have the ability to take a step back and see the green leaves as mammoth trees.'
  4. 'They are able to quickly pull relevant information from this mammoth database.'
  5. 'Mr Johnson does not mince his words when it comes to emphasising the dangers associated with this mammoth project.'
  6. 'Otherwise Zambia needs a pat on the back for embarking on this mammoth task of fighting corruption.'
  7. 'Leonard designed the block, which has giant bore spacings and mammoth cylinder heads.'
  8. 'Constructions meant to withstand mammoth assault crumble without protest.'
  9. 'Instead, the need for mammoth funds to mount election campaigns allowed big business to keep buying influence.'
  10. 'It was a mammoth task, especially considering he discovered the place only by accident.'


1. any large, elephantlike mammal of the extinct genus Mammuthus, from the Pleistocene Epoch, having hairy skin and ridged molar teeth. adjective

2. immensely large; huge; enormous: a mammoth organization.

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"tasks can be mammoth."

"projects can be mammoth."

"mountains can be mammoth."

"crops can be mammoth."

"stocks can be mammoth."

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Early 18th century: from Russian mamo(n)t, probably of Siberian origin.