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Extremely beautiful, elaborate, or impressive.
  1. 'Miss Goddard's performance is quite magnificent and worthy of the ticket price alone.'
  2. 'Atop the squared hilltop we spy the silhouetted form of a stag with magnificent antlers.'
  3. 'They all had magnificent feather crests on their heads in vivid reds and rich gleaming browns.'
  4. 'The gardens are magnificent, overflowing with tropical blooms and huge flowering trees.'
  5. 'Even more lavish is the House of the Messii, with the magnificent marble floor in its main reception room.'
  6. 'It was a beautiful warm and calm day, and the view of mountains and lakes were magnificent.'
  7. 'They flew up together, free as birds, spiralling round the proud prow of the magnificent vessel.'
  8. 'If you take a distinguished poem and set it to magnificent music you can make a beautiful song.'
  9. 'Itala, Mkuzi and Hluhluwe Umfolozi are all rich in game and magnificent scenery.'
  10. 'Due to mist on top of the mountain he was denied the magnificent view from the summit.'
Very good; excellent.
  1. 'Music will play a key part in the celebrations as the church boasts an excellent choir and a magnificent organ.'
  2. 'The management, medical staff, fitness guys and backroom staff have been magnificent.'
  3. 'Isn't it fantastic that our town got such magnificent positive national publicity.'
  4. 'Harlequins' wing Ben Gollings added a further try to crown a magnificent effort.'
  5. 'Maybe that will impress our magnificent class leader Margaret when we meet again.'
  6. 'All in all, every single one of these reviews is truly magnificent.'
  7. 'The dances are magnificent and are performed with so much passion that they are a joy to witness.'
  8. 'Maybe Dan was impressed by my magnificent pruning of the roses and the buddleia last yer.'
  9. 'It was a magnificent shot, worthy of someone ranked higher than 56th in the world.'
  10. 'The drums are magnificent and each guitar is perfectly layered, in what turns out to be the best sound of the night.'


1. making a splendid appearance or show; of exceptional beauty, size, etc.: a magnificent cathedral; magnificent scenery.

2. extraordinarily fine; superb: a magnificent opportunity; magnificent weather.

3. noble; sublime: a magnificent poem.

4. (usually initial capital letter) (formerly used as a title of some rulers) great; grand: Lorenzo the Magnificent.

5. lavishly munificent; extravagant: a magnificent inheritance.

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"people can be magnificent as people."

"players can be magnificent in defences."

"places can be magnificent by anies."

"people can be magnificent in venoms."

"people can be magnificent in things."

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Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin magnificent- ‘making great’, based on magnus ‘great’.