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(of vegetation, especially grass) growing luxuriantly.
  1. 'Kings Park itself is a city park in which lush cultivated landscapes blend with bushland.'
  2. 'It was strange to her how much the scenery had changed, from eerie and dismal to lush and dark.'
  3. 'There are those advertisement hoardings all across the boundary line and it still is that lush green outfield.'
  4. 'Some of the filming was done in Scotland not far from where my cousins live and I can confirm that it really is that lush.'
  5. 'The reflected lighting is seductive, the flowers lush, the service charming, the prices calming.'
  6. 'But the grass was too lush to burn of its own accord.'
  7. 'Creatures and beings of every nature and species come to live in that lush and green country.'
  8. 'Most of the trees and grass, splintered and singed 10 years ago, have grown back to lush green.'
  9. 'It's surrounded by mountains lush with greenery, bordered with wildflowers and dotted with water lilies.'
  10. 'Scorched sands and wood turned to lush green grass and darkly-stained timber.'
  11. 'lush orchestrations'
  12. 'With lush visuals and beautiful colours to savour, gamers were introduced to the two tiered system.'
  13. 'Many of the qualities like the extravagant detailing, lush colours and fine handwork are demonstrated in the exquisitely crafted shades of the era.'
  14. 'The widescreen is essential for a film with so much rich landscape detail; and the colors are particularly lush and varied throughout.'
  15. 'Architecture history buffs used to spend hours inexpertly photographing lush colour pictures from coffee table books.'
  16. 'Colors are lush, rich, and warm while never appearing overly saturated.'
  17. 'The picture quality is superb, punctuated by the lush colors of the gang's neighborhood pub and the panache of their respective flats.'
  18. 'The first photograph is flush with lush colour, bluest skies and a verdant forest pathway.'
  19. 'But before their lush colours and cool cuts could really penetrate their way into your psyche, Jack The Rubber's collection exploded onto the catwalk.'
  20. 'Recent developments in recording processes had resulted in rock albums becoming more lush, with a rich, textured sound.'
  21. 'Salvador is filmed in rich colours - dark, lush reds, or deep and serious greens, or inky semi-blackness.'
Sexually attractive.
  1. 'He wanted her more than anything and the sight of her lush naked body made his passion rise for her immediately.'
  2. 'An auburn-haired stunner with a body straight out of a dream, Nikki Nova's lush curves are a luscious dollop of endlessly enticing eye candy.'
  3. 'She's almost entirely in shadow, but he can see the lush curves of her naked body, the cascading waves of her hair.'


A heavy drinker, especially a habitual one.
  1. 'Diet can alter how we taste, but unless you're a chain-smoking lush who eats nothing but red meat and garlic, it shouldn't be chronic.'
  2. 'My friends being lushes, they also drink when anyone makes jazz hands or says something particularly stupid, which of course necessitates frequent refills.'
  3. 'My first thought was that he was implying I was a lush.'
  4. 'It may simply be that you are the biggest lushes in the party, but the rule of villa holidays is: ‘Do not do anything that might incur the wrath of one or more of the women.’'
  5. 'Besides cleaning up barf, breaking up fights and propping up staggering patrons, owners and waiters can get sued if overly-lubricated lushes kill or injure someone on their drive home.'
  6. 'Therefore they chose to treat us of-age lushes like caged animals and fenced us in a little corner in the back of the club by the washrooms.'
  7. 'He was portrayed in that movie as sort of being a man who was a lush.'
  8. 'Attached to the desk of animation director Kim Jun-bok is a hand-drawn picture of a six pack of Duff Beer, the preferred brand of Springfield's ludicrous lushes.'
  9. 'The man was dressed in a brown leather beaten trench coat and had a matching hat which was being tossed out at him by a gang of other ruthless lushes.'
  10. 'But to me, it seems perfectly normal - as the age range of the boys and girls is actually between 18 and 50, and it seems that we're all terrible lushes.'


Make (someone) drunk.
  1. 'He calls everybody ‘sham’ and he now refers to drinking as ‘lushing’.'
  2. 'Three shuttle buses will scuttle those too lushed to sashay thru the city on their way toward this exclusive after party.'


1. (of vegetation, plants, grasses, etc.) luxuriant; succulent; tender and juicy.

2. characterized by luxuriant vegetation: a lush valley.

3. characterized by luxuriousness, opulence, etc.: the lush surroundings of his home.

More examples(as adjective)

"shields can be lush as fishbowls."

"prizes can be lush as fishbowls."

"forests can be lush as moments."

"fields can be lush with pastures."

"valleys can be lush."

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(lush)Late 18th century: perhaps a humorous use of lush.