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(of food or drink) having a pleasingly rich, sweet taste.
  1. 'The wash is as heavy as the lead weight bottle, the perfectly ripe handpicked fruit is luscious with plum, chocolate and spicy touches.'
  2. 'It tastes like a luscious milkshake, only it's guilt-free!'
  3. 'It is a luxuriously big Cabernet Sauvignon-driven wine, with heavy luscious fruit and firm, but supple tannins.'
  4. 'The 1999 is a peppery, luscious wine of considerable complexity and intensity.'
  5. 'One of the things I made was this luscious chocolate cake.'
  6. 'Those events are to the season what a savory appetizer and luscious dessert are to a fine meal.'
  7. 'I'd forgotten I couldn't indulge myself in luscious food.'
  8. 'A succulent roast with herbs and mushrooms and other extremely luscious foods.'
  9. 'I blew out the candles on my twelfth birthday cake, indulging in the luscious chocolate taste.'
  10. 'In Europe - Germany, Alsace and Italy, the best Pinot Gris are oily, sweetish, full-bodied luscious wines.'
  11. 'the luscious brush strokes and warm colours of these late masterpieces'
  12. 'Have fun with texture when experimenting with lipstick - from sheer stains to moist mattes and tones, from sensuous nudes to luscious color.'
  13. 'Think Roja and you would think gorgeous smile, luscious lips, limitless joy.'
  14. 'Her soft and luscious brown hair flowed around the girl's tiny face.'
  15. 'But the real revelation was the chicken tagliatelle plumped for by the party's female member - luscious creaminess cannily grounded by leek and pungent tarragon.'
  16. 'Finally exhausted, the blonde girl decided to lie down and rest on the luscious grass.'
  17. 'Ariel Watson, the Warden in charge of Brittany and Jill, was a small Native American woman with thick, luscious, wavy black hair.'
  18. 'For as long as I recall, I have admired beautiful women, whether they have an attractive figure, beautiful eyes, luscious lips or other redeeming features.'
  19. 'It bulged voluptuously in luscious and supple ripples and folds, and the spruce band gave a pleasant, cedar-like aroma.'
  20. 'Sure, they were beautiful and had a luscious aroma.'
  21. 'The room is quite attractive with its bamboo furniture and luscious exotic ferns, but perhaps its most spectacular feature is the fountain which cascades down the window pane.'
  22. 'Easily their best work yet, it combines their trademark girl/boy vocal interplay, rush of melodies and luscious harmonies with more experimental elements.'
  23. 'The script, while hopelessly literary, is filled with some beautiful moments captured in luscious widescreen by cinematographer Richard Greatrex.'
  24. 'Not surprisingly, he is particularly attracted to a luscious surface and to virtuoso effects.'
  25. 'Then you made mummy, who is already shapely, even more luscious and voluptuous and reubensesque.'
  26. 'And then there was Lost in Translation, in which a man in the throes of a midlife crisis spends hours in a hotel room with a luscious young woman, and… they talk a lot.'
  27. 'Forbidden Fruit offsets a studio photo portrait of an innocently luscious teenage girl with a Gourmet magazine cover featuring glamorously lit ripe pomegranates.'
  28. 'One time we had the additional joy of watching two luscious French-Israeli girls enjoying eggs and cigarettes.'
  29. 'She presented a luscious curvy figure and wore a luxuriant dark wig - something that seems to have developed since this production's early performances.'
  30. 'She was luscious, there was no other way to put it.'
  31. 'One knows about St Anthony being tempted with luscious women, in visions which appeared precisely because there were no women for fifty miles.'
  32. 'She was elegance, sensuality, and ferocity all rolled into one luscious woman.'
  33. 'Here, we present 16 luscious females, each of whom has a tenuous link to football and ask: just who has the hottest totty?'
  34. 'He takes one look at the luscious lady and starts getting his crankshaft in a conundrum.'


1. highly pleasing to the taste or smell: luscious peaches.

2. richly satisfying to the senses or the mind: the luscious style of his poetry.

3. richly adorned; luxurious: luscious furnishings.

4. arousing physical, or sexual, desire; voluptuous: a luscious figure.

5. sweet to excess; cloying.

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"people can be luscious."

"fruits can be luscious."

"cakes can be luscious."

"bodies can be luscious."

"vegetables can be luscious."

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Late Middle English: perhaps an alteration of obsolete licious, shortened form of delicious.