We can't find definition and examlples of adjective 'Low-Fat', it may be a compound adjective.




    1. situated, placed, or occurring not far above the ground, floor, or base: a low shelf.

    2. of small extent upward; not high or tall: A low wall surrounds the property.

    3. not far above the horizon, as a planet: The moon was low in the sky.

    4. lying or being below the general level: low ground.

    5. designating or pertaining to regions near sea level, especially near the sea: low countries.

    6. bending or passing far downward; deep: a low bow.

    7. (



    "prices can be low on dates."

    "shares can be low in trades."

    "prices can be low in/at/on dates."

    "shares can be low on dates."

    "futures can be low in/at/on dates."

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    1. having too much flabby tissue; corpulent; obese: a fat person.

    2. plump; well-fed: a good, fat chicken.

    3. consisting of or containing fat; greasy; oily: fat gravy; fat meat.

    4. profitable, as an office: a fat job on the city commission.

    5. affording good opportunities, especially for gain: a fat business contract.

    6. wealthy; prosperous; rich: He grew fat on dishonest profits.

    7. big, broad, or extended; thick: a fat sheaf of bills.


    "states can be fat over years."

    "people can be fat at alls."

    "people can be fat in stomachs."

    "models can be fat over years."

    "somes can be fat in seconds."

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