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Unhappy because of unrequited love.
  1. 'For me the impact of these intensely personal songs, which would once have been crooned by a solitary lovelorn pin-up, gets laughably undermined when they are sung by what amounts to a choir.'
  2. 'Film roles include the part of the lovelorn Mark in Love Actually.'
  3. 'John and his equally lovelorn buddy Oscar decide to cruise a local singles bar, where the more mature clientele are reputed to be easy pickings for a pair of young lads such as themselves.'
  4. 'Most letters come from lovelorn adolescents, but the club also boasts a professional counsellor, who deals with the more difficult problems.'
  5. 'Claire Danes beguiles as a lovelorn young woman in Shopgirl.'
  6. 'It was to help lovelorn farmers that, two years ago, Country Living magazine launched its free matchmaking service.'
  7. 'Jesus Corrales portrays the lovelorn Romeo with passion, sinking daggers into the heart of anybody in the audience with the slightest romantic sensibility.'
  8. 'From what I remember of Crush, it was a show where lovelorn young men were assisted in tracking down some long lost ‘crush’.'
  9. 'And in the twilight of their youth, this bleakest enlightening is, for a pair lovelorn and wretched, their single and final solace.'
  10. 'Her murals include a bewitching lovelorn village belle sitting near a pond with a lotus flower in her hand.'


1. being without love; forsaken by one's lover.

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"vocalses can be lovelorn."

"swainses can be lovelorn."

"schoolgirls can be lovelorn."

"protagonists can be lovelorn."

"players can be lovelorn."

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