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(of speech or writing) continuing at tedious length.
  1. 'These vigils aren't rallies or places to give long-winded speeches.'
  2. 'The guy thinks that attending court receptions with boring old guys reciting long-winded speeches is fun!'
  3. 'It seemed to Jordan that he was going into another long-winded speech.'
  4. 'Instead of a boring long-winded explanation, let's just leave it by saying that the real GDP is the actual GDP minus the growth attributed to inflation.'
  5. 'If he gives long-winded answers, you could ask three questions.'
  6. 'None of the youngsters made long-winded speeches, but they said it all through sprightly dances that were a celebration of life and an exhibition of talent.'
  7. 'Next he had to sit through a long-winded speech for work.'
  8. 'In a long-winded speech peppered with German phrases no one else understood, he made it sound as if television was right up there with sharing dirty needles or deforestation.'
  9. 'Allison could tell he was one to give long-winded speeches.'
  10. 'There were no long-winded speeches boasting of his winning record or what he would do to his next opponent.'
Capable of doing something for a long time without becoming breathless.



    1. talking or writing at tedious length: long-winded after-dinner speakers.

    2. continued to a tedious length in speech or writing: another of his long-winded election speeches.

    3. able to breathe deeply; not tiring easily.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "places can be long-winded in tongues."

    "people can be long-winded."

    "processes can be long-winded."

    "ways can be long-winded."

    "questions can be long-winded."

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