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A heavy or bulky thing that is being carried or is about to be carried.
  1. 'We drove past lines of civilians carrying heavy loads.'
  2. 'Off-road construction dumpers, which are considered dangerous by road safety experts, may be allowed to carry even heavier loads on public roads.'
  3. 'This task is done by the women and children and their health is often severely impaired by carrying such heavy loads.'
  4. 'She carried heavy loads, moved rocks to reclaim the land, seaweed to fertilise the barren ground and turf from the bogs.'
  5. 'Others are routinely beaten or killed for trying to escape or for being unable to carry the heavy loads put on their backs.'
  6. 'Her back aches from a long journey carrying a heavy load, but her heart aches even more, from the fear that failure will expose herself and her children to hunger, thirst and disease.'
  7. 'Climate and terrain can exhaust soldiers carrying heavy loads.'
  8. 'Have you ever seen such a heavy load carried with such grace?'
  9. 'The ride and handling is on par with the class leaders, and it is very surefooted in tight road twists - even while carrying a heavy load.'
  10. 'They are usually used to haul heavy loads or carry cargoes.'
  11. 'a lorry-load of soldiers'
  12. 'Approximately 120 bags and 10 trailer loads of rubbish were collected and removed by Waterford Co Council.'
  13. 'Full-service Asian airlines operated wide-bodied aircraft which could carry a full cargo load.'
  14. 'Some have a couple of shipping container loads dragging at their heels.'
  15. 'The biotechnology company has, through a number of well-timed share placements, bucket loads of money.'
  16. 'I do at least six loads of washing a week'
  17. 'Your clothes are in the dryer - I didn't think you'd want them washed in the same load.'
  18. 'While it probably won't stain other shirts in the wash load, it will fade, and fairly quickly.'
  19. 'Wash only full loads in the dishwasher, or handwash dishes with a basin of soapy water and a basin of clear rinse water.'
  20. 'To conserve water and energy, wait until you have a full load before running your dishwasher or washing machine.'
  21. 'No experienced home launderer actually washes twelve or more loads instead of four.'
  22. 'In general, washing one large load is more efficient than washing two small loads.'
  23. 'Switching off the TV at night instead of leaving it on standby, saving the weekly wash until you've got a full load, and only boiling as much water as you need, can all save money.'
  24. 'Wait until you have a full load before using a dishwasher or washing machine.'
  25. 'If you are washing a small load, use the appropriate water-level setting.'
  26. 'Wearing a bra with visible straps when bra used to be white but has clearly been washed in a colours load is wrong.'
  27. 'Tertiary sediments cause subsidence of the basin substrata 2.3 km below sea level, as a result of the sediment load.'
  28. 'Furthermore, we found that the number, amplitude and spacing of such flow folds depends on the history of the load driving the extrusion.'
  29. 'In the Ebro basin, flexure of the crust was produced mainly by the Pyrenean load, but also by the emergent thrust sheet of the Aragonese Branch.'
  30. 'Although some of the sediment load transported by the Axios River was deposited on the deltaic plain during floods, the greater proportion was discharged into the Thermaikos Gulf.'
  31. 'Extension of these subsidence patterns beyond 305 Ma depends on how far northwards the orogenic load advanced.'
  32. 'A significant prediction from the forward model is the spatial evolution of the orogenic load in SW England, summarized in Fig.6.'
  33. 'Another possible explanation for the tilting is the waxing and waning of ice sheet loads.'
  34. 'Grass buffer zones or vegetative filter strips have been investigated as a means of reducing nutrient loads in streams.'
A weight or source of pressure borne by someone or something.
  1. 'the arch has hollow spandrels to lighten the load on the foundations'
  2. 'Indeed it seems so strong that you could dispense with the back stitches if the line of sewing does not have to bear a load.'
  3. 'Then they pressurise the load on top of the pillar.'
  4. 'There is no rise in arterial pressure or any pressure load on the ventricle as above.'
  5. 'The increased surface area of the blade puts a greater load on your leg muscles like a wet weight workout.'
  6. 'It is possible he will be asked to drop some of the weight to ease the load on his left knee, in which he tore the ACL in 1998.'
  7. 'This apparatus allows you to place a load on the body without the instability associated with free weights.'
  8. 'Try to avoid exercises that increase the strength of short, strong muscles and those that put an undue load on already stretched muscles, Drake says.'
  9. 'If the designer wanted to create a wall that saw a sharing of loads, that is both the bricks and the blocks bearing the loads, then in his view he would have specified special ties.'
  10. 'With the panel construction method, the load is borne not by individual posts but by whole panels, which only need to be reinforced against buckling.'
  11. 'One should avoid being overweight, because excess weight increases the load on the joints.'
  12. 'Teachers had sought the change because increased workloads, teaching demands and administration loads have made the job intolerable.'
  13. 'In the absence of any fresh recruitment in the banks and a substantial increase in the volume of business, the work load on the employees and the officers had also increased.'
  14. 'During this time, teaching loads at many American institutions were high, usually four courses per term.'
  15. 'They take full course loads, work part-time, contribute to the campus community, and still have time for a life outside of it all!'
  16. 'But looking at the potential load on the server, here are some numbers with that.'
  17. 'This has resulted in increased teaching loads, and less courses being offered.'
  18. 'One officer may sleep if the work load is light, while the other monitors the flight.'
  19. 'She indicated that the government strategy had been to agree to the raise in exchange for not filling open vacancies and increasing the work load on the remaining workers.'
  20. 'Harmon negotiated a university contract for two thirds time, which reduced his teaching load and allows him to get a lot of work done during the summer.'
  21. 'His teaching load amounted to little at first, so he had plenty of opportunity to develop further programs outside the university.'
  22. 'Academia remains too strong a lure but with over three years left on her study roll, will twin aspirations prove too burdensome a load?'
  23. 'Alicia's fervent hope was that her love and support would make his painful load easier to bear.'
  24. 'In other words, we should all individually carry what is our everyday load or responsibility, but where it becomes too heavy for us, we all join in and share the burden.'
  25. 'You carry a heavy load, and this has weighed you down with all the horrors that humanity has to offer.'
A lot of.
  1. 'I do not support any of these commissions - I think they are a whole load of rubbish.'
  2. 'there's loads to see here, even when it rains'
  3. 'I've been really efficient this weekend and cleared loads of things off my to do list as well.'
  4. 'She was the best daughter anyone could have - she was a lovely kid with loads of friends.'
  5. 'My friend likes running, which is great as it's free and we have loads of great parks and roads to run on.'
  6. 'And no there wasn't just one ticket counter there were loads.'
  7. 'There is a petition going around to get the back gate opened and loads of people have already signed.'
  8. 'We have schools programmes, online services and loads more.'
  9. 'It's too easy to spend loads of cash, but also very enjoyable and extremely addictive.'
  10. 'I took loads of photos and was way too slow off the mark with all of them, so here's a link to a decent picture.'
  11. 'There are loads of alcohol-related help groups and a quick call to one of them would do no harm at all.'
  12. 'We had cable when we lived in Bradford and it gave us loads of TV access with superb quality.'
The amount of power supplied by a source; the resistance of moving parts to be overcome by a motor.
  1. 'We employ a special platform to test loads on power supplies.'
  2. 'If that actuator starts to move unexpectedly, it acts as a generator and the short provides an electrical load that slows the motor down.'
  3. 'A high sulfur content of the fuel and high engine speeds (rated power) and loads are associated with an increase in mutagenicity of diesel exhaust particles.'
  4. 'Changing the length of a transmission line will change the input impedance if the load isn't properly matched to the line.'
  5. 'Two fully independent AC and DC electrical systems are each capable of supplying all essential loads in case of failure the other system.'
  6. 'Con Edison needed to transfer the power load from the Leonard Street substation to Seaport without interrupting the load and causing a power outage.'
  7. 'The reliance on daylighting and the lack of air-conditioning have greatly reduced the electrical loads.'
  8. 'Utilities need to prepare grids to handle bigger loads and to boost power from renewable sources.'
  9. 'In a special feature, the system prevents the simultaneous turning on or off of all glow plugs to avoid high instantaneous loads on the onboard electrical power system.'
  10. 'For example, deregulation is giving facilities the incentive to flatten electrical loads.'
  11. 'If you must use an extension cord, use a cord that's rated for the electrical load and no longer really needed.'
  12. 'Facility restrooms might be a treasure trove of nonessential electric loads.'
  13. 'Since your main supply wires have some resistance, you will still get some flicker even when these loads are on different circuits.'
  14. 'Depending on the load, the voltage output will vary.'


Fill (a vehicle, ship, container, etc.) with a large amount of something.
  1. 'The ship was loaded in Port Adelaide and Port Lincoln in South Australia and is now in the Iraqi port of Umm Qasar.'
  2. 'He had to be, he loaded the ships at the dock Monday through Thursday to support his mother.'
  3. 'After the dockers stopped their picket, the ‘Greta’ ship was loaded by crane on Sunday and left for Spain, four days behind schedule.'
  4. 'Each of the ships is loaded and deployed for 3 year stints, after which they return to their main base in the US for refurbishment.'
  5. 'They ensure the right vehicles are loaded in the right order so that the ship back in Europe is downloaded as quickly and efficiently as possible.'
  6. 'Her father was supposed to do it, but he is too drunk, so Tess and Abraham load the wagon and begin the journey to market.'
  7. 'Traders can load vehicles at this time, they are ready to do it.'
  8. 'It took them four days just to fill the bowls at home and about three hours to load the van to transport them.'
  9. 'Anya tried to keep her away from the customers as much as possible, but she was very handy for carting merchandise around and helping to load vehicles.'
  10. 'Yes, I packed and loaded vehicles, ripped apart furniture, and drove from one end of town to the other and beyond.'
  11. 'stolen property from a burglary was loaded into a taxi'
  12. 'Most of our 500 pounds of food, clothing and equipment have been loaded into the plane and are ready to go.'
  13. 'I love chocolate and I love my mother-in-law, but this cake is so thick and rich it should be loaded into helicopters and used to smother oil well fires.'
  14. 'We now have container security initiatives and all kinds of gizmos and ways to check what's loaded into the containers.'
  15. 'Typically, port operators are able to load as many as 600 containers onto a single containership.'
  16. 'The plot is thought to have involved the use of conventional explosives, probably to be loaded into cars and driven into crowded city centres.'
  17. 'The warheads had been loaded into the cargo bay and strapped down.'
  18. 'Apparel items often move without being touched by human hands, from the time they are loaded into a container by a supplier to being unloaded at a specific retail store.'
  19. 'But they are not checking the cargo that is loaded into those planes.'
  20. 'Groceries will be ready for collection within three hours of ordering and will be loaded into customers' cars on arrival at the centre.'
  21. 'The warm beer, the necessities and souvenirs laid out in the shopping area - everything had been loaded into vehicles or onto camels and brought out for the festival.'
  22. 'I ran down to where the buses load, just to find that my bus was late again.'
  23. 'Anything that was seen to be unsafe, somebody stopped something for - stopped a ship from loading or discharging in order to have a look at it, examine it and modify it, or what have you.'
  24. 'The first ship to load at Victor Harbor was the Goshawk taking on a cargo of whale oil in 1838.'
  25. 'After an internal investigation, McDonald said the company has tightened up regulations to ensure no crew members are shifting places while the vessel is loading or unloading.'
Make (someone or something) carry or hold a large or excessive quantity of heavy things.
  1. 'Jewel called brightly shutting the door with her hip as her arms were loaded down with bags.'
  2. 'He was loaded down with awards, none of which were the one he wanted most - the Sandow.'
  3. 'Pickups were loaded down with bikes and boats, washing machines, all presents for the family back in Mexico.'
  4. 'And they were loaded down with so many people that they couldn't take them all.'
  5. 'The battleships were loaded down with so much fuel, food, and ammunition that armored belts and decks were below the waterline.'
  6. 'We must have cruised through every store in the mall, and by the time we left at nearly six thirty that night, our arms were loaded down with purchases.'
  7. 'the King and Queen loaded Columbus with wealth and honours'
  8. 'We're loading our lives with so much minutia that our creative thinking suffers.'
  9. 'My query was sincere, my comment was loaded with independently confirmable facts and you come back to me with… nothing.'
  10. 'He loaded his pitch with feel-good, can-do optimism, insisting his message is ‘based on politics of hope, based on the politics of what is possible.’'
  11. 'Politicians, pundits, and the hordes of bloggers have been polishing the brass on their discourse, loading their sentences with hot words that though they may glow with the flame of rhetoric, they are depleted of common sense…'
  12. 'The way we are taught Shakespeare is too often loaded towards the idea that his plays are about supposedly unchanging things, like love or ambition or treachery.'
  13. 'The appraisal process is loaded in favour of the methodological commitments of the appraiser.'
Charge (a firearm) with ammunition.
  1. 'Then you see little Robert on a hyper streak, tearing around the house, only to be calmed by his gran showing him how to load a revolver - one of a stash of six guns.'
  2. 'But soldiers must still load the cannon by hand, which affects rates of fire.'
  3. 'He put his back to the bar and proceeded to load his shotgun.'
  4. 'The breech permits loading the howitzer from the rear.'
  5. 'I turned to the table and loaded a shotgun and two pistols.'
  6. 'Then I'd go back to my room, read the files and load the handgun he'd tucked in, and prepare for my mission.'
  7. 'Immediately following the short speech, Rolls said a man behind them began loading his gun.'
  8. 'Torpedoes are automated to a degree, but the artillery guns have to be loaded manually, and for a good reason.'
  9. 'Before loading your gun, open the action and make sure there's no ammunition in the chamber or magazine.'
  10. 'After that, I slung on my sniper rifle, and my assault rifle, and loaded each of them.'
  11. 'load your camera before you start'
  12. 'This allowed the police forces to become complacent - for example, how do motorists know which cameras are loaded and which are not?'
  13. 'Keep your film and your batteries in a fridge if possible when you get to your destination, but allow your film to warm a bit before loading your camera.'
  14. 'When you load a camera in a warm humid atmosphere, then take it diving in cold water, there is a good chance that fog will form inside the lens or housing.'
  15. 'load the cassette into the camcorder'
  16. 'As with all digital cameras, the A303's main advantages are the fact that you don't have to load film and that you can delete your unwanted shots.'
  17. 'She walked over to her closet and pulled out her camera, loading the large 33 mm with black and white film.'
  18. 'And who wants to fiddle with a camera that is so small that loading the film requires a lot of patience and pretty small fingers?'
  19. 'Start by loading the film into the tubes or drum.'
  20. 'She returned shortly to request another roll of film because she believed she had loaded the first one improperly.'
  21. 'For this experiment, she had supplied me with very fast film, ASA 4,000, which was loaded into my Hasselblad camera.'
  22. 'It forces the dynamic linker/loader to load the simulator first, then loads the program and its libraries into the simulator.'
  23. 'The fairly close times of the two C versions tell us that most of the execution time is spent loading the program.'
  24. 'These represent programs that are loaded into memory.'
Add an extra charge to (an insurance premium) to take account of a factor that increases the risk.
  1. 'In the case of adverse claims, premiums will be loaded for the next year.'
  2. 'Can life insurers load their premium if their policyholders work or live in trophy buildings and constructions that are potential terrorist targets?'

More definitions


1. anything put in or on something for conveyance or transportation; freight; cargo: The truck carried a load of watermelons.

2. the quantity that can be or usually is carried at one time, as in a cart.

3. this quantity taken as a unit of measure or weight or a discrete quantity (usually used in combination): carload; wagonload.

4. the quantity borne or sustained by something; burden: a tree weighed down by its load of fruit.

5. the weight supported by a structure or part.