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Carrying or bearing a load, especially a large one.
  1. 'Unit Coal trains - both loaded and empty - will operate normally over the Thanksgiving holiday.'
  2. 'A nurturer by nature, Olivia parked him in the most comfortable chair in the parlour and disappeared to the kitchen, reappearing several minutes later with a loaded tea tray in her hands.'
  3. 'Pretty soon her three loaded bags became heavy.'
  4. 'The door swung open to admit Helga, a buxom barmaid bearing a loaded tray.'
  5. 'A loaded logging truck carries anywhere from 45 to 100 cubic metres of wood.'
  6. 'There was no lunch lady to pay for my food, so, after picking out a plastic fork and spoon, I walked straight out of the narrow food room with my loaded tray.'
  7. 'A fully loaded aircraft is capable of backing up a 2% gradient slope using the directed flow thrust reversers.'
  8. 'I took up my loaded tray and sat down at an empty table.'
  9. 'No one was injured in a dramatic truck-train collision in La Broquerie late Friday afternoon in which a speeding train slammed into a loaded grain truck.'
  10. 'It came back to normal, but not before a passing waiter dropped his loaded tray in shock.'
  11. 'a loaded gun'
  12. 'They were charged with theft and illegal possession of loaded firearms within city limits.'
  13. 'The robbers responsible for the York Art Gallery raid last year were armed with a loaded shotgun and a loaded handgun.'
  14. 'He chose to go out with a loaded weapon and carry out a criminal act of armed robbery.'
  15. 'Its clamshell design means an officer can lock up a loaded firearm.'
  16. 'They had attacked a group of Enemy soldiers without authorization, and threatened their guardians with a loaded firearm.'
  17. 'The 14-year-old boy was accidentally shot in 1994 by a friend who was playing with a loaded firearm he had found unsecured.'
  18. 'However, for those of you serious about taking your arm development even further, the use of an supplement may be the edge you need to turn your guns into loaded cannons.'
  19. 'According to the NRA, the best form of personal protection is to be in possession of a loaded firearm at all times.'
  20. 'The only sure way is to have a gun on one's person at all times or a loaded firearm within very easy reach no matter where one happens to be.'
  21. 'Never step over fences, jump ditches, or make other awkward or unbalanced moves while holding a loaded firearm.'
  22. 'We join in on keeping the people poor and Western companies loaded with money.'
  23. 'it's Friday night, and we want to get loaded'
  24. 'That night, Jeff was a bit more loaded than usual.'
  25. 'And you shouldn't feel sticker shock as if you were purchasing a fully loaded Ferrari, remember that iSCSI is affordable.'
Weighted or biased towards a particular outcome.
  1. 'Then, when the Rock spots loaded dice at the craps table, he takes matters into his own hands, taking out the casino's Keystone Kops by himself.'
  2. 'Playing against loaded dice and marked cards, the drunken soldier was easy pickings.'
  3. 'Yet it is very difficult to win when playing with a loaded dice.'
  4. 'The casino also cheats, using loaded dice, and when Vaughn spots this the casino security beat him up and leave him for dead.'
  5. 'Roll the extremely loaded dice and collect your winnings by the million.'
  6. 'It's kind of like nature's rolling the dice and now we have loaded dice due to global warming.'
  7. 'A factory was discovered where loaded dice and marked cards were produced and a school for safecrackers was uncovered.'
  8. 'The need for a cultural relativistic point of view has become apparent because of the realization that there is no way to play this game of making judgments across cultures except with loaded dice.'
  9. 'avoid politically loaded terms like ‘nation’'
  10. 'Avoid making loaded statements or using words as weapons: ‘What a stupid thing to do!’'
  11. 'I laughed at Jody for asking such a loaded question.'
  12. 'It's the most loaded word in art, setting the public flocking to galleries and lighting up dollar signs in the eyes of any under-funded gallery director.'
  13. 'Brad used a loaded statement to make a flippant response.'
  14. 'I pose a loaded question: Is he disillusioned that the industry has become more about pitches and trailers than the film itself?'
  15. 'Leading or loaded questions are ones that appear to lead the respondent in a particular direction.'
  16. 'Well, that's a loaded question you have right there.'
  17. 'Those are all loaded words, Connie - maverick and ostracize.'
  18. 'The answer would be significantly different to the one given in response to the Department's loaded question.'
  19. 'She preferred the less functional and more loaded word ‘caring’.'


1. bearing or having a load; full: a loaded bus.

2. containing ammunition or an explosive charge: a loaded rifle.

3. (of a word, statement, or argument) charged with emotional or associative significance that hinders rational or unprejudiced consideration of the terms involved in a discourse.

4. Slang. having a great deal of money; rich. under the influence of alcohol; drunk; intoxicated. under the influence of drugs.

5. (of dice) fraudulently weighted so as to increase the

More examples(as adjective)

"voices can be loaded with meanings."

"trolleys can be loaded with suitcases."

"sides can be loaded with paints."

"cars can be loaded with gadgets."

"acquisitions can be loaded with debts."

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