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(especially of a person's body) thin, supple, and graceful.
  1. 'She swung herself easily from hold to hold, her lithe body moving almost joyfully up the rock.'
  2. 'For the inaugural event, the dancers' lithe bodies were swathed in white.'
  3. 'He's slumped on the sofa, the lithe body swamped by a shapeless and shabby burgundy cardigan held together with a giant safety pin.'
  4. 'There was altogether a lithe gracefulness about him that was quite un-doglike.'
  5. 'The lithe figure spoke briefly with the two men who were guarding the prisoners.'
  6. 'She goes to the gym three times a week to build up strength and stamina, and to keep her already lithe frame toned.'
  7. 'His lithe, muscular body shifted under the black chain mail he wore over a thin tunic.'
  8. 'She could feel the strength his lithe body possessed, even wounded and laying on a table.'
  9. 'He's the lithe and supple hunter no more and, like me, he's settling happily into retired status.'
  10. 'One of my coworkers is a tall, lanky guy who is amazingly lithe and flexible.'


1. bending readily; pliant; limber; supple; flexible: the lithe body of a ballerina.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be lithe with edges."

"people can be lithe along beaches."

"goods can be lithe with necks."

"goods can be lithe with hands."

"people can be lithe."

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Old English līthe ‘gentle, meek’ also ‘mellow’, of Germanic origin; related to German lind ‘soft, gentle’.