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Restricted in size, amount, or extent; few, small, or short.
  1. 'the legislation has had a limited effect'
  2. 'Because the movement of floaters is not restricted, local population size is effectively not limited.'
  3. 'The lack of close places to visit, the limited distractions and the short journeys around town pay time back into the family account.'
  4. 'Due to the limited amount of bread available, the bakery refuses to sell more than 20 loaves of bread to each customer.'
  5. 'With the limited amount of possession Ireland gained during the first hour they found it virtually impossible to break the gain line.'
  6. 'There is a limited amount of special effects as this is mostly a conversation/music driven film.'
  7. 'Hodson chose to analyse just books, rather than articles, because of the limited amount of information that can usually be included in the latter.'
  8. 'These hotels are good for driving trips where you only plan to spend a limited amount of time and then hit the road again.'
  9. 'But that can only be for a limited amount of time, and that also goes on these issues for immunity certainly.'
  10. 'The fund invests in companies that are expanding or restructuring and to a limited extent in start-up companies.'
  11. 'Typically, such employees would be restricted for a limited period from soliciting the business of established clients of the company.'
  12. 'The war powers of the Presidency are very limited by the Constitution.'
  13. 'The Constitution and a properly limited government are their guiding lights.'
  14. 'Henry was credited with an experiment in government by limited monarchy.'
  15. 'Switzerland's system is one way of having a limited government but everyone has to be in the military.'
  16. 'In liberal democracies the devices of limited government are built into the Australian political system.'
  17. 'We believed in limited government, in keeping light the burden of taxation and regulation.'
  18. 'As in so many other areas, majoritarianism and limited government conflict.'
  19. 'The federal government is legally limited in its powers to intervene in the refugee determination process.'
  20. 'Bringing farmers back onto the dole shrinks the constituency for limited government and tax cuts.'
  21. 'Yet limited monarchy (a ceremonial component of a constitutional government) is thriving.'
  22. 'I think he is a very limited man'
  23. 'We are limited only by our own abilities; I chose this music, and it chose me.'
  24. 'I think we're all limited slightly by aches and pains.'
  25. 'But I am also limited ideally, by my own awareness of my ability to effect such change.'
  26. 'Even then, he's limited - he wouldn't be allowed to carry a mainstream feature film by himself.'
  27. 'My mother is now 84, and although some of her memories of this time are very clear, they are limited.'
Denoting a limited company (used after a company name)
  1. 'Castrol Limited have come forward to sponsor this cricket extravaganza.'
  2. 'The Corporation of the Village of Bobcaygeon, Jack Phelps, Springbank Homes Limited, Dewhurst Bros.'
  3. 'Now Mr Falloon is a former Chief Executive of Kerry Packer's Publishing and Broadcasting Limited.'
  4. 'She is the Group Editorial Development Manager for News Limited.'
  5. 'This particular brand is made by Thomas Symington & Co Limited, of Sisson Road, Gloucester in the south of England.'
  6. 'Metro is part of Metcash Trading Limited and Friendly Grocer is the franchise arm of the group.'
  7. 'Hall and Partners Contracts Management Limited was designated as the Employer's Agent.'
  8. 'Aside from the Heineken Cup, European Rugby Cup Limited also runs the European Challenge Cup and the Parker Pen Shield.'
  9. 'Notice has been given of the Annual General Meeting of Connacht Gold Co-operative Society Limited.'
  10. 'Charlotte worked for Domnus Ventilation Limited in Saffron Walden.'


1. confined within limits; restricted or circumscribed: a limited space; limited resources.

2. Government. restricted with reference to governing powers by limitations prescribed in laws and in a constitution, as in limited monarchy; limited government.

3. characterized by an inability to think imaginatively or independently; lacking originality or scope; narrow: a rather limited intelligence.

4. Chiefly British. responsible for the debts of a company only to a specified amou

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"capacities can be limited on bases."

"downsides can be limited on economists."

"contributions can be limited to things."

"scopes can be limited for reasons."

"rooms can be limited at moments."

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