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Trivial or very small.
  1. 'The sculptor's Lilliputian alter ego was evidently having trouble staying organized.'
  2. 'They feel like Gulliver, tied down with the guy-ropes of Lilliputian countries they thought were their friends.'
  3. 'Mine was overseasoned and served in a Lilliputian portion.'
  4. 'But this Lilliputian stream was not the river we sought.'
  5. 'Only the most Lilliputian of political outlooks could consider these kind of pettifogging government measures ‘bold and far-reaching’.'
  6. 'A little clay pot of lentils arrived, topped with a Lilliputian quail egg and shavings of black truffles.'
  7. 'Ultimately, the only way this Lilliputian economy could grow was via exports.'
  8. 'Who on earth would be able to fit in that Lilliputian getup?'
  9. 'Back outside, tiny Icelandic ponies were prancing around the ring, their riders holding aloft banners like some form of Lilliputian cavalry charge.'
  10. 'Also known as the Mighty Midget and The Bullet (because of his lightning passes), Owen looked like a scrawny man-boy but no-one took advantage of his Lilliputian build.'


A trivial or very small person or thing.
  1. 'Who wants to be an ungrateful, unprincipled, two-faced, pacifist, Euro-grasping, oil-hungry Lilliputian?'
  2. 'Being a Lilliputian in the world of creative writing research, he wanted to tie down the whole Australian industry and claim it for his own.'
  3. 'The terms of access to the U.S. market are now to be decided in Geneva by Lilliputians of the New World Order.'


1. extremely small; tiny; diminutive.

2. petty; trivial: Our worries are Lilliputian when compared with those of people whose nations are at war. noun

3. an inhabitant of Lilliput.

4. a very small person.

5. a person who is narrow or petty in outlook.

More examples(as adjective)

"banks can be lilliputian in comparisons."

"sizes can be lilliputian."

"queens can be lilliputian."

"officials can be lilliputian."

"endeavours can be lilliputian."

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(Lilliputian)Early 18th century: from the imaginary country of Lilliput in Swift's Gulliver's Travels, inhabited by people 6 inches (15 cm) high, + -ian.