Adjective "Level-Headed" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Calm and sensible.
  1. 'a level-headed discussion'
  2. 'She must be level-headed and sober enough to realise that certain statements do not help to serve the country at all.'
  3. 'One is a practical optimist, the other a level-headed pragmatist.'
  4. 'For what he knew, she was level-headed and exuded confidence on a regular basis.'
  5. 'The hope that irrational people will act rationally is a perpetual delusion of the level-headed.'
  6. 'If you want sober, cautious, level-headed judgment read The Economist.'
  7. 'She is also usually level-headed, pleasant, intelligent and courteous.'
  8. 'It is the most realistic and level-headed account I have read.'
  9. 'We're expected to be very level-headed and sane in the face of chaos.'
  10. 'It is also admirably level-headed in its approach.'
  11. 'Most of us are a level-headed bunch with good street-sense.'



1. having common sense and sound judgment; sensible.