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Cautious or wary due to realistic suspicions.
  1. 'But the candidate was set in his ways, and his people were leery of tampering with his approach so late in the game.'
  2. 'I've become leery of such statements, because I've heard them so many times.'
  3. 'The market turmoil and lack of good financial knowledge has made them leery of equities.'
  4. 'Before the practice took hold, some news directors, fearing pranks, were leery of airing amateur video.'
  5. 'And, as we mentioned in the article you read, be leery of any company that asks for money up-front.'
  6. 'I often feel this way when a book is turned into a movie - leery of having the images in my mind mixed with those on a big screen.'
  7. 'I was a little bit wary or a little bit leery because he had to pick the gun up and put it in the bag, so of course I was watching what he was doing.'
  8. 'Fazal Majid also has another good point, one that so far has kept me leery of purchasing music online.'
  9. 'He is a hard worker but many of his coworkers are leery of him.'
  10. 'I am leery of superlatives but am not inclined to argue with that.'


1. wary; suspicious (usually followed by of): I'm leery of his financial advice.

2. Archaic. knowing; alert.

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"governments can be leery of futures."

"places can be leery about groupings."

"people can be leery of things."

"people can be leery about things."

"investors can be leery of things."

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(leery)Late 17th century: from obsolete leer ‘looking askance’, from leer + -y.