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Unwilling to work or use energy.
  1. 'One lizard (rather too lazy - his clawed toes evidently sent to sleep by the sunbathed stone) fell to the ground.'
  2. 'Yet for some odd reason parent's seem to prefer that their kids be thought of as lazy rather than ignorant.'
  3. 'Yes, I know it's a laptop but it is rather lazy and doesn't like to be moved.'
  4. 'They may see themselves as stupid or lazy, rather than as capable in some areas and struggling in others.'
  5. 'People are lazy and they'd rather exaggerate to get what they want than tell the truth.'
  6. 'He feared for his uncle, an elderly man who was a little on the lazy side.'
  7. 'All the best ideas are based on the premise that people are fundamentally lazy, and would rather be on their sofa than anywhere else.'
  8. 'They have contributed more than enough to society, and deserve better than to be branded backward and too lazy to learn English.'
  9. 'My wife isn't lazy, which at times can be rather annoying.'
  10. 'Our bikes would lie like lazy dragons on their sides behind us, with their front wheels poking into the air, spinning.'
  11. 'they were enjoying a really lazy holiday'
  12. 'It is another acoustically driven gem, a lazy but beautifully constructed effort that features some wonderfully whimsical lyrics and a genuinely relaxing vibe.'
  13. 'But the domination of television and video is softening our minds; we opt for its lazy entertainment rather than read.'
  14. 'Don't bypass East London - we are a great place for family holidays and those lazy, hazy days of summer.'
  15. 'His normal gait, more a lazy stroll than an upright walk, was even more exaggerated by the long-handled loads he appeared to be toting in each hand.'
  16. 'Tap into your senses to relish the last lazy days of summer.'
  17. 'On lazy spring weekends, sometimes I just don't want to cope with the culinary side of Sunday morning.'
  18. 'It also means exercising regularly and opting for active living choices rather than the lazy ones.'
  19. 'It's a lazy, hot summer day, and I don't feel like breaking a sweat.'
  20. 'The languid, back-and-forth rhythm of a swaying swing slows time on a lazy summer day.'
  21. 'Research has found that long, lazy summer holidays could be putting children's literacy skills at risk.'
  22. 'This could easily be an excuse for lazy writing, but I felt enough smart moves were made to forgive the bad ones as mistakes by the characters.'
  23. 'I tend to get lazy with my writing without people to point out weaknesses and stuff, so thanks!'
  24. 'I've got this kind of gut feeling that using italics, bold, ellipsis, exclamation marks in your writing is lazy.'
  25. 'He may have spent a great portion of his life in a drug-addled state but he rarely penned a lazy line.'
  26. 'Clearly the database method of writing has become a strong incentive to lazy research and writing.'
  27. 'Despite the constant snipings of columnists whose lazy writing is matched only by their conceit, he knows the winning line is in sight with Scotland and Ireland still very much in the hunt.'
  28. 'But here he has resorted to lazy shape-making rather than the rigorous analysis for which he is known.'
  29. 'The writing seemed lazy and overly dependent on people having liked the first film and getting nostalgia for it from this one.'
  30. 'No, actually, I quite like the man's writing style at times, but he can be very lazy as a travel writer.'
  31. 'Such a blanket provision is a lazy effort and a dangerous precedent.'
  32. 'The lazy stream that skirted the village rose to a torrent, raging down from the moors, but it stayed safe within its deep banks until it reached the water meadows further down where it spread out and lost its force.'
  33. 'His gentle vocals and picturesque lyrics are akin to floating down a lazy river.'
  34. 'It's the time to reconnect with nature, when kids catch bugs and snakes, grandfathers go fishing and couples take a canoe down a lazy river.'
  35. 'Everything pressed down against the small frame floating into the depths of the lazy river.'
  36. 'Two lazy rivers wind to the north and south of the Little Town and converge off to the east.'
  37. 'Time to take a vacation and drift down the lazy river.'
  38. 'The Aquatic Centre includes a leisure pool, lap pool, waterslide, lazy river, drop slide, sauna and hot tub.'
  39. 'A large bridge, one often traversed by commuters to the city and a place often visited to look down at the lazy river, spanned the waterway in a gentle arc.'
  40. 'Jamaica's lush interior is stunning, and the best way to see it is on a lazy river ride, being punted on your own personal bamboo raft.'
  41. 'Suddenly, she and Horatio were in a rowboat together, lying in each other's arms, on a lazy river.'
(of a brand on livestock) placed on its side rather than upright.


    1. averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent.

    2. causing idleness or indolence: a hot, lazy afternoon.

    3. slow-moving; sluggish: a lazy stream.

    4. (of a livestock brand) placed on its side instead of upright. verb (used without object), lazied, lazying.

    5. to laze.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "voices can be lazy with contempts."

    "people can be lazy with volleys."

    "people can be lazy with maintenances."

    "people can be lazy with feet."

    "people can be lazy with bands."

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    Mid 16th century: perhaps related to Low German lasich ‘languid, idle’.