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A sheet, quantity, or thickness of material, typically one of several, covering a surface or body.
  1. 'The glass is 1.5 inches thick with a layer of material sandwiched in between to further improve blast resistance.'
  2. 'I hope you're aware that these walls are only a layer of sheet rock and a bit of plaster!'
  3. 'Arrange a layer of fish, skin side down, at the bottom.'
  4. 'In all cases, evaporation from the pots was minimized by covering the exposed surface with a layer of filter paper.'
  5. 'It was a layer of slime that coated every surface, reducing all materials to the same revolting color and dimming the lights to an anemic yellow.'
  6. 'Over that there was a layer of soft black material, open at the front to show the red dress beneath.'
  7. 'Once the desired quantity of trees had been installed, a layer of geotextile material was deposited on top to keep contaminants out of the stream.'
  8. 'Like your eyelashes, so blond they were only noticeable when you blinked and the top row met the bottom in a layer of double thickness.'
  9. 'Further, the ionization of the gas by the electrons removes the need to coat the sample with a layer of conductive material.'
  10. 'Most polishes and waxes leave a layer of wax on surfaces to protect finish.'
  11. 'a managerial layer'
  12. 'Now as boss, he invites discussion and says he is always trying to remove layers of hierarchy.'
  13. 'In recent years this has been achieved by removing layers of managers to create flatter organizations.'
  14. 'The bureaucratic layers between the U.S. forces and the secretary of defense were severed.'
  15. 'Keep the number of reporting layers within your organization to a minimum.'
  16. 'In consequence, there exists a whole layer of senior IT decision-makers devoted to the skills of managing the relationship.'
  17. 'There are essentially four layers of hierarchical division within the Commission bureaucracy.'
  18. 'Just another electioneering pack of lies designed to mislead people into enabling yet a further layer of politicians to line their pockets at our expense.'
  19. 'In the two and a half years since Seattle this movement has grown in numbers, involving significantly greater layers of organised workers, and has deepened its critique of capitalism.'
  20. 'Taxes are traditionally collected at the lowest administrative level and each layer in the hierarchy can keep a cut of the taxes.'
  21. 'Some might conclude that such programmes may add bureaucratic layers and burden to an already overtaxed system.'
A person or thing that lays something.
  1. 'The actor is a former asphalt layer who is renowned in television circles for his singing voice.'
A shoot fastened down to take root while attached to the parent plant.


    Arrange in a layer or layers.
    1. 'The tantalising pomme Anna consisted of Charlotte potatoes sliced, layered and caramelised with rosemary butter.'
    2. 'Not only do I save time, but the flavours are layered into the dish, building towards the finish.'
    3. 'Have you ever layered bananas with dried dates, poured cream over them and left them to chill for a couple of hours so that the dates become soft and sticky?'
    4. 'Once that's all done, turn the heat down or off, whilst you layer sliced potatoes on top.'
    5. 'Sometimes they are made into a thick porridge like polenta, left to set and cut into shapes, layered in a dish with cheese and baked in the oven.'
    6. 'Check out the way I've layered the clothes on Dougie.'
    7. 'Clothes that can be layered with a variety of colors and styles work great.'
    8. 'On the day of the study, subjects wore what they normally wore to work: rubberized apron, gloves and boots layered above cotton clothes.'
    9. 'A bell-sleeved tunic was layered over a leotard vest.'
    10. 'She twirled her fingers in his long, artfully layered auburn hair.'
    11. 'She has short, red, layered hair that stops just below her ears.'
    12. 'Find and inspect some pictures of people with curly, layered hair.'
    13. 'He had long, straight, layered brown hair and green eyes.'
    14. 'At the moment her hair was layered, and light brown with hot pink tips.'
    15. 'Alex had shoulder length, layered blonde hair and perfectly shaped eyebrows that came with a set of perfect brown, cat-like eyes.'
    16. 'His hair was layered and flipped out in different directions.'
    17. 'He had layered red hair, the longest parts reaching just past the nape of his neck, which flipped around his head in a semi-messy manner.'
    18. 'She watched as a woman entered the room, pushing layered gold-brown hair away from her face.'
    19. 'She had long layered black hair, which looked bluish purple in some light.'
    Propagate (a plant) as a layer.
    1. 'Autumn or early spring is a good time to start layering a shrub.'
    2. 'In most cases you are advised to leave the layering until the plant is in growth the following year.'
    3. 'He keeps his going to get a second crop by layering it.'
    4. 'Some plants propagate naturally by layering, but sometimes plant propagators assist the process.'
    5. 'To propagate, follow the same procedure as with red currants - take cuttings in late fall or early spring, or propagate by layering.'
    6. 'Raise new plants from seeds or cuttings, and by layering, and provide support with trellises, pergolas and other structures.'
    7. 'If you're planning to share this shrub with a friend, you can layer it directly into a pot.'

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    1. a thickness of some material laid on or spread over a surface: a layer of soot on the window sill; two layers of paint.

    2. bed; stratum: alternating layers of basalt and sandstone.

    3. a person or thing that lays: a carpet layer.

    4. a hen kept for egg production.

    5. one of several items of clothing worn one on top of the other.

    6. Horticulture. a shoot or twig that is induced to root while still attached to the living stock, as by bending and covering with soil. a plant so

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    "structures can be layered."

    "styles can be layered."

    "rocks can be layered."

    "products can be layered."

    "perceptronses can be layered."

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    (layer)Middle English (denoting a mason): from lay + -er. The sense ‘stratum of material covering a surface’ (early 17th century) may represent a respelling of an obsolete agricultural use of lair denoting quality of soil.