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(of a person or animal) unable to walk without difficulty as the result of an injury or illness affecting the leg or foot.
  1. 'Pat Behan, a Castledermot mechanic, who could make the lame walk, the dumb speak and the deaf hear when it came to cars, was asked to perform a major miracle.'
  2. 'I was just reading a report the other day that 24% of all dairy cows are lame.'
  3. 'Slightly lame in his right leg after suffering from polio, Bruce said the idea really appealed to him.'
  4. 'The passage assumes that the blind will, in fact, want their sight back and the deaf to hear again, the lame to walk properly and dumb to speak.'
  5. 'The four-year-old son of Scenic appeared perceptibly lame in his right hind leg during the broadcast.'
  6. 'There's a gratuitous poignancy provided by the fact that she's lame, which is no doubt to suggest that she won't be able to get another man - it fell a bit flat for me.'
  7. 'That evening at a dinner in honor of his homecoming, Jervas narrates the tale of his life, beginning with his being rendered lame by breaking his leg while intoxicated.'
  8. 'Later it was revealed that the horse was lame and he will now miss the remainder of the 2002-03 season, including his chance at Cheltenham glory.'
  9. 'My friend looked and walked like an exceedingly tall, lame ostrich with his legs hopelessly entangled in brightly colored cloth.'
  10. 'One time, not too long ago, I saw a line of lame dancers unable to participate in class, sitting on the sidelines, questioning when they would return to dance.'
  11. 'despite his lame leg, he fled'
  12. 'Whatever injuries he may have sustained on the escape from Afghanistan (remember the lame arm) is clearly healed.'
  13. 'However he realised that it just would not be that easy, for he himself had a lame leg and could only move slowly.'
  14. 'All her dedication had paid off, his lame rear leg was completely healed.'
  15. 'It's helping me stay balanced, which is hard with a lame foot - balanced both emotionally and physically.'
  16. 'You know that joke about the dog with a lame leg that walks into a bar?'
  17. 'He took a step, dragging his lame leg behind him.'
  18. 'She is the sweetly sexy young innocent with the funky left-field disability: a lame leg from polio.'
  19. 'More than 60 people came for faith healing, including a blind boy, a boy with a lame leg, an old woman with a headache and a man with piles.'
(of an explanation or excuse) unconvincingly feeble.
  1. 'Why can't they be open and honest, instead of giving lame excuses?'
  2. 'In other words, having your period is a totally lame excuse for skipping track practice.'
  3. 'He turned up at 3pm, with a lame excuse about having had a puncture.'
  4. 'Downing Street has a rather lame excuse: ‘The challenges of globalisation have become clearer.’'
  5. 'Bella thought this was a completely lame excuse to avoid her.'
  6. 'For the council to say they are waiting for the outcome of pending developments in and around the town is a lame excuse.'
  7. 'But now, she's all full of lame excuses, especially for Renee.'
  8. 'In his lame explanation he said he didn't remember the plot of the 1970s flick.'
  9. 'The lame excuse offered was that the meeting would get out of hand.'
  10. 'Making up lame excuses for herself is just making her look like an even bigger joke than she already is.'
  11. 'I found the programme pretty lame and not very informative'
  12. 'I raised my eyebrow at the sound of the program, it sounded incredibly lame.'
  13. 'Ridiculously catchy, this'll remind you how fun pop can be without being totally lame.'
  14. 'The comedy aspect is a little lame, with too many one-liners, and the movie is hopelessly trapped in the '80s in almost every way.'
  15. 'Sometimes its good stuff, mostly its really lame corny jokes.'
  16. 'They rocked the world with Fantasia and Snow White and Lady and the Tramp, but Mulan and the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast were rather lame as far as I've heard.'
  17. 'Is it just me or was that Treehouse of Horror special incredibly lame?'
  18. 'But the hair flicking and lame jokes that delight the boys at the Actuary of the Year dinner are gauche and slightly cringeworthy on the stage of a 1,915-seat theatre.'
  19. 'The three of us all laughed at my rather lame joke, then my mother continued conversation.'
  20. 'I also hate Popstars Live, because it is lame, and boring.'
  21. 'anyone who doesn't know that is obviously lame'
  22. 'And a lot of it was conjured by those three lame idiots.'
  23. 'He asked, then mentally kicked himself for sounding so lame.'
  24. 'I want to know what shes thinking right now, I'm so lame.'
  25. 'As a rule, I've noticed the skateboarders here tend to be lame.'
  26. '"Hi, " I said and regretted it immediately because I sounded so lame.'
  27. 'While prosthetic body parts were not the most common early modern representation of metrically unsound feet, Ascham is in ample company when it comes to equating lame verse with human lameness.'


Fabric with interwoven gold or silver threads.
  1. 'Gold lamé looks better on drag queens, being the M.C. isn't as much fun as it looks and having your reputation precede you everywhere is actually exhausting.'
  2. 'In one shot he's wearing an oversized Esprit top doing some gay disco dance moves Ian Thorpe would be pleased with, and in another he is decked out in a costume which appears to be entirely made out of gold lamé.'
  3. 'For very lightweight or ravel-prone fabrics such as lamé, fuse interfacing to the wrong side before cutting.'
  4. 'Giant phalluses, which would likely once have been constructed out of wood, are still abundant, though they're now wrapped with shiny gold and purple lamé.'
  5. 'Cover the lamé with a press cloth and press the strip in place.'
  6. 'This dimly-lit club-bar decked out with gold lamé, mirrors and candlelight has a giant suspended bird cage for the more exhibitionist dancers among you.'
  7. 'The brightly colored outfits may be made of either cotton or such dressy fabrics as velvet, satin, and lamé.'
  8. 'The film is a veritable catalog of trashy design motifs from the period - the leopard-lined salon wouldn't be out of place in a John Waters movie, and the couture runs to elephant bells, gold lamé, and K-Mart striped wallpaper.'
  9. 'In particular, much has been said of the dress Wallis wore for the reception, described by biographer Michael Thornton as ‘a dramatic dress of violet lamé highlighted by a brilliant green sash.’'
  10. 'If it is an Elvis show I tend to spend the first part of the evening at a champagne reception meeting and greeting the guests dressed suitably in gold lamé.'


Make (a person or animal) lame.
  1. 'He was lamed and in pain, and Milo was in a worse state.'
  2. 'For example, the ‘dangerous’ practice of wearing heels to the point where they lame you is probably limited to pockets of the corporate world.'
  3. 'No one was there except four serving men - slaves, they looked to be, and one of them badly lamed - who looked up at us from the firepit which they were cleaning.'
  4. 'But before a crucial race against the Triple Crown winner, Pollard breaks his leg, and in the very next race, Seabiscuit lames himself.'
  5. 'Using her pole as a staff, her temporarily lamed left hand useless at her side, she turned, beginning her hunt for the tricky sorceress and a place to camp once more.'
  6. 'Yet, you offered to stay behind at Camelot willingly, when you were not lamed or too young.'
  7. 'What more powerful image of these fears could there be than that of an old, sterile woman, in sexual league with the Devil, killing and roasting babies, rendering men impotent, laming animals and destroying crops?'


1. crippled or physically disabled, especially in the foot or leg so as to limp or walk with difficulty.

2. impaired or disabled through defect or injury: a lame arm.

3. weak; inadequate; unsatisfactory; clumsy: a lame excuse.

4. Slang. out of touch with modern fads or trends; unsophisticated. verb (used with object), lamed, laming.

5. to make lame or defective. noun

6. Slang. a person who is out of touch with modern fads or trends, especially one wh

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"sons can be lame at times."

"people can be lame on legs."

"people can be lame on dates."

"ducks can be lame."

"people can be lame."

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(lame)Old English lama, of Germanic origin, related to Dutch lam and German lahm<br>1920s: French, from Latin lamina (see lamina).