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Full of happiness and joy.
  1. 'She took a deep breath to clear her mind, and to calm herself, and let out a joyous laugh.'
  2. 'She was so happy and our most joyous wedding day was getting nearer and nearer.'
  3. 'It juggles the joyous thrills of matchmaking and courtship with the dark alleys of pain and grief.'
  4. 'There was no joyous celebration, no leaping up and down and waving arms in the air.'
  5. 'It was a very happy and joyous occasion and all went off very well.'
  6. 'The joyous soldiers prepared to sail home as they imagined the celebrations in their honor.'
  7. 'The hall was full of the laughter of the courtiers and the joyous melody of the band.'
  8. 'I find it at times joyous and at others, the most hellish job in the world.'
  9. 'I take the mandolin from the wall and do a few strums in joyous celebration.'
  10. 'The committee wish all our supporters a very happy Christmas and a joyous New Year.'


1. joyful; happy; jubilant: the joyous sounds of children at play.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be joyous about futures."

"celebrations can be joyous in northwests."

"celebrations can be joyous in floodings."

"occasions can be joyous."

"celebrations can be joyous."

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