Adjective "Itty-Bitty" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Very small; tiny.
  1. 'Still, even though their itty-bitty brains have doubts, they don't really want to know the truth.'
  2. 'Jessica was young, but she still remembers seeing his itty-bitty hands and his itty-bitty feet and feeling a sense of awe.'
  3. 'You'll be surprised how far that one itsy-bitsy syllable can go.'
  4. 'They're scrunched into nine pages, which means lots of itty-bitty type and eyeball fatigue.'
  5. 'Speaker size is a big factor in sound quality, and LCDs dwarf the itty-bitty speakers in laptops.'
  6. 'The youngest is too small to do flips, but she's constantly entertaining us with her itty-bitty helium voice and 40-yr old attitude.'
  7. 'In my infinite naivety and itsy-bitsy experience, I like squirrels.'
  8. 'How does Santa's huge body fit through those itsy-bitsy chimneys?'
  9. 'The woman with the itsy-bitsy tummy growing an itsy-bitsy little baby.'
  10. 'This itsy-bitsy cutie is among the tiniest of tomatoes.'


adjective, Informal.

1. very small; tiny.


(itty-bitty)1930s: from a child's form of little + bitsy (from bit + -sy).