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Causing annoyance, impatience, or mild anger.
  1. 'The endless instrument tuning got a bit irritating at times too.'
  2. 'She looked at him, casting him an irritating, exasperated look.'
  3. 'Imagine if that irritating receptionist didn't bother to smile as she told you everything you want is absolutely out of the question.'
Causing irritation to a body part.
  1. 'Instead of sunscreens, use sunblocks, which are less irritating to sensitive skin.'
  2. 'This solution matches your body's salinity, and baking soda makes it less irritating to your sinuses.'
  3. 'I am suffering from a urinary tract infection, which has subsequently resulted in an irritating rash on my face and body.'


1. causing irritation; annoying; provoking: irritating questions.

More examples(as adjective)

"troubles can be irritating in times."

"people can be irritating as officers."

"hairs can be irritating to mouths."

"forms can be irritating to throats."

"forms can be irritating to eyes."

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