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Having the ability to create or design new things or to think originally.
  1. 'If we believe in our ability to be inventive and resourceful then we have every reason to believe we can make changes.'
  2. 'That Barry was an astoundingly inventive and populist composer is, by now, a given.'
  3. 'He is widely regarded as the world's best and most inventive chef.'
  4. 'The inventive Horniman Museum has yet another unusual display, this time of textiles from Savu.'
  5. 'The Electoral Reform Commission might have been a bit more inventive in relation to that matter.'
  6. 'What most struck Reza Ghadri of Blind Productions about the youngsters who made the films was how inventive they were.'
  7. 'Eventually he found an agreeable home in the University of Utah where his inventive genius could work unhindered.'
  8. 'She was herself an inventive composer, the hilarious Stripsody being her best-known score.'
  9. 'The ground was operating at full capacity while the teams' inventive faculties were running on empty.'
  10. 'Parents, in other words, are more liable to be inventive when choosing a name for a baby girl.'
  11. 'a courageous and inventive piece of film-making'
  12. 'It has a quite unique look on its own, and feels fresh and inventive when watching.'
  13. 'I can see nothing clever or inventive in the design on the right.'
  14. 'Humour is like a drug to many of us; we can't get enough of it, and we are endlessly inventive in creating more of it.'
  15. 'If someone making that amount can be still be poor, the need for inventive, broader programs is clear.'
  16. 'They rotated between each album so that every song provided a new inventive listening experience.'
  17. 'The company has a reputation for inventive adaptations, ingenious design and musical innovation.'
  18. 'Theatrically inventive and politically astute, it's a satire on American cultural imperialism.'
  19. 'The English language is at its most inventive when describing the various states of inebriation.'
  20. 'While the payoff is barely worth the effort, I was forced to marvel at his storytelling verve and his inventive prose style.'
  21. 'The six episodes of Series One were so fresh and so inventive you couldn't help but want to see more.'


1. apt at inventing, devising, or contriving.

2. apt at creating with the imagination.

3. having the function of inventing.

4. pertaining to, involving, or showing invention.

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"people can be inventive in polices."

"people can be inventive in respects."

"people can be inventive in areas."

"leas can be inventive in areas."

"dcors can be inventive with mixes."

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Late Middle English: from French inventif, -ive or medieval Latin inventivus, from Latin invenire ‘discover’ (see invent).