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Too many to be counted (often used hyperbolically)
  1. 'He saw comrades cut down around him and endured innumerable sufferings in the trenches but miraculously survived.'
  2. 'And the innumerable accolades that have come his way seem to motivate him further.'
  3. 'I sat surrounded by flowers and portraits and innumerable tributes to him.'
  4. 'A great portion of the book is devoted to chronicling her innumerable tours to various parts of the world.'
  5. 'Unfortunately it is often the cause of innumerable avoidable tragedies too.'
  6. 'The innumerable talks and discussions on budget in the city are amazing.'
  7. 'If we tried to do a count of the similarities shared by all individual humans, we would find them to be innumerable.'
  8. 'But there is still a reminder of innumerable court cases in the imposing oak bench in court number five.'
  9. 'We appeared on websites and took innumerable calls from well-wishers.'
  10. 'Britain's history as a sea-faring nation has left our coastline peppered with innumerable wrecks.'


1. very numerous.

2. incapable of being counted; countless.

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"people can be innumerable in/at/on cups."

"people can be innumerable."

"others can be innumerable."

"ways can be innumerable."

"times can be innumerable."

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Middle English: from Latin innumerabilis, from in- ‘not’ + numerabilis (see numerable).