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Extremely small.
  1. 'Really, what I want to do is impossible, for any listing of an endless series is doomed to be infinitesimal.'
  2. 'But the new puritans argue that any risk, no matter how infinitesimal, is intolerable.'
  3. 'I don't have an explanation - I'd like to have one but I don't - but in the meantime, without evidence, the odds of your position being right are so infinitesimal as to be irrelevant.'
  4. 'So, living in London and desperately weak of will, you get poisoned by choice; overwhelming and almost infinitesimal choice.'
  5. 'But now, increasingly, those infinitesimal aspects of everyday life, taken together, are seen to have a broader importance and even might be the keys to a certain kind of political action or subversion.'
  6. 'Minute, infinitesimal amounts of chemical contaminants crossing the placenta can cause cancer in young adults decades later.'
  7. 'Any way you look at it, the number is infinitesimal.'
  8. 'There was an infinitesimal pause before the last word, as the principal tactfully searched for the right word, but an untrained ear wouldn't have noticed it.'
  9. 'The rock is already slipping down by infinitesimal degrees.'
  10. 'And that's critical to the analysis of the solar wind, the particles of which contain infinitesimal traces of the 83 naturally occurring elements.'


An indefinitely small quantity; a value approaching zero.
  1. 'These two concepts, infinitesimals and infinite quantities, however, were stirring great philosophical dilemmas.'
  2. 'The book shows how this notion can be used to form various kinds of infinities such as the projective plane, transfinite numbers, and infinitesimals.'


1. indefinitely or exceedingly small; minute: infinitesimal vessels in the circulatory system.

2. immeasurably small; less than an assignable quantity: to an infinitesimal degree.

3. of, relating to, or involving infinitesimals. noun

4. an infinitesimal quantity.

5. Mathematics. a variable having zero as a limit.

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"strains can be infinitesimal."

"elements can be infinitesimal."

"twitches can be infinitesimal."

"theories can be infinitesimal."

"steps can be infinitesimal."

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Mid 17th century: from modern Latin infinitesimus, from Latin infinitus (see infinite), on the pattern of centesimal.