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Not producing any significant or desired effect.
  1. 'It is hard to see what more could be done other than a punitive and probably ineffectual bombing campaign.'
  2. 'But in situations like this, ineffectual gestures are usually worse than no gestures at all.'
  3. 'Banning things is usually a pretty ineffectual way of stopping people from doing what they want.'
  4. 'The woman could not be less interested but the blackboard she gets for her dowry comes in handy as a rather ineffectual shelter against chemical weapons.'
  5. 'The entire civil society response has been ineffectual.'
  6. 'If it is about security, it's totally ineffectual anyway.'
  7. 'The regulation of our national financial affairs has been as ineffectual as the regulation of political behaviour.'
  8. 'The guy's a plonker and made a totally ineffectual campaign leader.'
  9. 'The world's leaders may have failed, the UN may have failed and the final action plan and political declaration may be ineffectual.'
  10. 'Interestingly the legislation that was passed to control illegal radio stations was remarkably ineffectual.'
  11. 'Saying that you don't like the choices available is weak and ineffectual.'
  12. 'Other times, I feel completely ineffectual, and people progress immeasurably.'
  13. 'The UF and Green candidates seemed quite ineffectual, especially compared to the people they stood last time.'
  14. 'Those divisions contribute to the perception that they are ineffectual.'
  15. 'When he says ineffectual, he just can't say no to people.'
  16. 'She balled her fists and struck out at him, her efforts feeble and ineffectual.'
  17. 'In point of fact, he was remarkably ineffectual at anything but promoting a sort of genteel cronyism.'
  18. 'He was my hero when he was Tom, but now he was Jerry he seemed weak and ineffectual.'
  19. 'He has been ineffectual in parliament and widely ridiculed for his persona as the ‘quiet man’ of politics.'
  20. 'Your government is proving itself to be ineffectual when it comes to looking after its own people.'


1. not effectual; without satisfactory or decisive effect: an ineffectual remedy.

2. unavailing; futile: His efforts to sell the house were ineffectual.

3. powerless; impotent.

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"rights can be ineffectual in practices."

"positions can be ineffectual by unions."

"places can be ineffectual in areas."

"places can be ineffectual around areas."

"people can be ineffectual for people."

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Late Middle English: from medieval Latin ineffectualis, from in- ‘not’ + effectualis, from Latin effectus (see effect); in later use from in- ‘not’ + effectual.