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Free from outside control; not subject to another's authority.
  1. 'the study is totally independent of central government'
  2. 'The statement is now available for a second time for people to comment on, and it will be subject to an independent examination later this year.'
  3. 'This committee should therefore be independent and have the authority to test out proposed rates by producers and monitor implementation.'
  4. 'Is it time now for an outside independent commission to take a look at the intelligence, which apparently was faulty?'
  5. 'These agencies were entrusted with independent legislative authority on a federal level.'
  6. 'However, such a set-up calls for an independent authority to monitor the functioning of these institutions.'
  7. 'It's going to be - the judiciary system in this country is independent.'
  8. 'Without missing a beat, the Senator proposed an new independent authority to handle complaints.'
  9. 'Well, we've got to retain our nuclear deterrent, and we've had an independent nuclear deterrent for a long time.'
  10. 'You can also get standard-rate tax relief if you pay service charges to local authorities and other independent contractors.'
  11. 'India became independent in 1947'
  12. 'In 1962, Jamaica became an independent country after 300 years of British rule.'
  13. 'The statue was erected in 1962 to welcome foreign visitors to the then young independent country.'
  14. 'Taiwan is clearly an independent country with its own sovereignty.'
  15. 'How can you be proud of being an independent country if the government is unable to improve its citizens' welfare?'
  16. 'I don't think we are ready to govern an independent country.'
  17. 'Australia doesn't even need to be a republic to be a proud, confident and independent country.'
  18. 'Many of the states were too small or awkwardly located to survive as independent countries.'
  19. 'The six-country tour will also underpin the fact that the island is a sovereign, independent country, he said.'
  20. 'Life's getting harder in this so-called independent country, let alone for people in the low-income bracket like me.'
  21. 'He's promoted and encouraged the idea of distinct Taiwanese identity and said his country is already independent.'
  22. 'Support for independent candidates and smaller parties has also risen, but in the locals rather than the Euro elections.'
  23. 'It demands the building of a new independent political party.'
  24. 'Lenin did not invent the concept of the party or of the independent political organization of the working class.'
  25. 'This campaign exposed the ballot access barriers that confront all third party and independent candidates.'
  26. 'The time has come for the American working class to begin the arduous task of constructing an independent political party.'
  27. 'In time, this should improve the prospects of third parties and independent candidates.'
  28. 'Those two seats went to candidates from little-known independent parties.'
  29. 'The remaining 8 seats were clinched by splinter parties or independent candidates.'
  30. 'There are also minor party and independent candidates in many ridings, who generally deserve far more consideration than they receive.'
  31. 'Democracy presupposes independent political parties and an electorate willing to debate issues and vote accordingly.'
  32. 'an independent girls' school'
  33. 'Collaboration amongst educators across public, Catholic and independent schools is difficult to say the least.'
  34. 'The selection procedure for independent schools is, for parents and children alike, a nerve-wracking experience.'
  35. 'This could also be the reason why few pupils go from public schools to independent schools.'
  36. 'Head teachers at other independent schools said above-inflation fee hikes were necessary to meet a number of rising costs.'
  37. 'The borough's independent schools joined in the celebrations.'
  38. 'There are more than 70 independent schools in Scotland - just under a quarter of which are in and around Edinburgh.'
  39. 'So we will help parents and other groups establish a new generation of independent schools funded by the state.'
  40. 'A new Charity Act will require independent schools to show they are meeting a public benefit test.'
  41. 'The overall pass rate this year for all schools, including both state and independent schools, was 69.6%.'
  42. 'Academies are independent schools funded by public money.'
Not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence.
  1. 'It is partly due to his weaknesses that I became independent and self-reliant.'
  2. 'They are also a form of social policy that has the objective of making people more independent and thus self-reliant.'
  3. 'Not only were you beautiful but you were also smart, self-sufficient, independent and strong.'
  4. 'Teenagers are forever pushing out their boundaries as they strive to be independent and self sufficient.'
  5. 'It's hard to go from a very, independent woman to depending on others.'
  6. 'His father was a stonemason and architect who brought up his children to be independent and self reliant.'
  7. 'Self-reliant and independent, they do not necessarily take pride in their local community.'
  8. 'She was fiercely independent and very self sufficient and I got the idea that she didn't like being babied or fussed over by men.'
  9. 'Clearly, she was an independent, self-sufficient child as only children often are, but she was imaginative too, and a great reader.'
  10. 'To most people, Teddy often came off as far more independent and self-sufficient than most other boys his age.'
  11. 'a woman of independent means'
Capable of thinking or acting for oneself.
  1. 'Get out while you're still capable of independent thought and action.'
  2. 'However, the overland crossing between Thailand and Malaysia has become a very popular independent traveller's route.'
  3. 'A toy capable of totally independent thought would be way too freaky.'
  4. 'There are two separate engines, one on each side of a locomotive and capable of independent operation.'
  5. 'Balanced with that is the wish of older people to maintain independent living with their own front door rather than to move into more traditional residential homes.'
  6. 'Will there be future developments that will once again force us to review the age at which we see a foetus as a human capable of independent survival?'
  7. 'I suggested that attracting backpackers and independent travellers would be a good way to get that ball rolling.'
  8. 'And if there's a food place with a good write up in the independent travellers' bible, lo and behold, many food shops change their names to match.'
  9. 'This had meant that Chris was very independent and more than capable of fending for himself on his own.'
  10. 'They wanted to be independent, strong, capable of standing on their own two feet.'
  11. 'That is a perfect example of the philosophy of the office of the independent counsel in this investigation.'
  12. 'In consequence, the judge is able to act, and to be seen to act, as an impartial and independent adjudicator.'
  13. 'Under such circumstances, how can one ensure a fair and independent investigation?'
  14. 'There will be no such thing as a completely independent investigation.'
  15. 'The European Convention on Human Rights demands a fair trial before an independent and impartial tribunal.'
  16. 'News and commentary have never been more interesting and diverse than they are today under the influence of independent media.'
  17. 'They falsely pretend to be impartial and independent, or patronisingly portray themselves to be the same as ordinary people.'
  18. 'The administration is conducting an internal review, but momentum for an independent investigation is growing.'
  19. 'The requirement that the tribunal should be independent and impartial is one that has long been recognised by English common law.'
  20. 'And the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also conducting an independent investigation.'
Not connected with another or with each other; separate.
  1. 'the legislature and the judicature are independent of one another'
  2. 'These parts were assumed to be statistically independent from each other.'
  3. 'Social, economic, and environmental spheres are not independent from each other.'
  4. 'The different functions can often be assigned to conserved amino acid motifs which are separated into independent structural units.'
  5. 'If the value of an element is independent of the presence of another element, both elements are said to be independent from each other.'
  6. 'That is a separate, independent issue from what security arrangements we have.'
  7. 'He pointed out that the university's hostels are run as a separate and independent business.'
  8. 'Peatlands occur in low-energy settings and are more independent of adjacent landscape units.'
  9. 'Once in orbit, multiple independent warheads separated from the missile bodies and angled toward the surface.'
  10. 'Sponge cells perform a variety of bodily functions and appear to be more independent of each other than are the cells of other animals.'
  11. 'Three independent populations separated by straight lines were positioned on the unit square.'
  12. 'Fortunately the shower is electric, and we have an independent gas fire.'
  13. 'Unknown is whether speed and accuracy are really independent measures of strategy effectiveness in computational estimation.'
  14. 'Ideally, the inverse problem consists of N independent linear equations.'
  15. 'With a multiallelic locus, there are more independent equations than the parameters to be estimated.'
  16. 'Some rate Severi's discovery of a base of algebraically independent curves on any surface as his most important contribution.'


An independent person or body.
  1. 'Hunter claims most of the real talent in Scotland is to be found in the small independents started by people fed up with big company culture.'
  2. 'No boy bands allowed - the performers are proud independents without the backing of a major label.'
  3. 'It was the perfect opportunity to bring the independents and commissioning editors together.'
  4. 'A lower limit would encourage the entry of independents and promote competition.'
  5. 'A few doughty independents and specialist dealers aside, the bookselling business in Britain is now irretrievably homogenised.'
  6. 'In fact, most were published by university presses, the federal government or small independents.'
  7. 'Meanwhile, the share of independents in the business is on the rise.'
  8. 'Smaller independents gleaned new business and defined themselves as the industry's new area of growth.'
  9. 'As well as the big three parties, other groups looking for your vote include the Greens, Socialist Alliance and various independents.'
  10. 'He tried two or three times to get into Parliament as an independent.'
  11. 'But so far no way has been found to make democracy and government work with independents.'
  12. 'He was an independent at Highland council and was only inducted into the Labour party on the eve of devolution.'
  13. 'The ten presidential candidates, including independents, were listed in two columns.'
  14. 'So I think where there are worthy alternatives in the minor parties and independents, people are having a very serious think.'
  15. 'First, I have no idea why Steve thinks all three independents are with the government.'
  16. 'We need to prove to the moderates, independents and western libertarians that we are tough enough.'
  17. 'At that time the ruling party captured 193 seats, though many of these candidates ran as independents.'
  18. 'After a somewhat cursory examination, the Commission told the independents late in February that it was doing nothing.'
  19. 'They were part of English nonconformity which included Independents and Quakers.'
  20. 'On another side were the Independents, who wanted to do away with the Anglican Church altogether.'


1. not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself: an independent thinker.

2. not subject to another's authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free: an independent businessman.

3. not influenced by the thought or action of others: independent research.

4. not dependent; not depending or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc.

5. not relying on another or others for aid or support.

6. reject

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"places can be independent from places."

"islands can be independent from places."

"republics can be independent in dates."

"republics can be independent from places."

"regions can be independent from places."

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Early 17th century (as an adjective): partly on the pattern of French indépendant.