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Of small size, amount, or extent.
  1. 'But those predictions may yet prove inaccurate given the challenger's strength of character and not inconsiderable size of heart.'
  2. 'For years, like so many other spectacle-wearing children, I was subjected to taunts and mockery and was labelled ‘four eyes’, whilst my parents spent not inconsiderable sums of money on glasses for me.'
  3. 'The profession represents less than one third of one per cent of the population which is certainly an ‘inconsiderable proportion’ of society.'
  4. 'Well, yes, except that 99 per cent of all students and a not inconsiderable percentage of adults are wearing the same silly and small spectacle frames in 2004.'
  5. 'A big niche in the case of the Caledonian Challenge, with 1300 people, most of them walkers, tackling the not inconsiderable, and far from straightforward, 54 miles between Fort William and Loch Lomond.'
  6. 'A hallway in a largish single-storey house is a big job, lots of doors and a not inconsiderable amount of wall.'
  7. 'And, of course, he has invested a not inconsiderable amount of time and money.'
  8. 'By leaving the car alone for a whole week, the driver directly pockets $28, not an inconsiderable amount of money.'
  9. 'The bill came to €154.30, which is not an inconsiderable amount for lunch.'
  10. 'The Access Economics study undertaken shortly before construction began indicated it would be commercially viable, at least with the not inconsiderable investment of public funds in constructing the line.'
  11. 'I don't necessarily view them as future superstars, but it's nice to know we have a couple of home-grown artists of not inconsiderable talent.'
  12. 'I was still struggling with ‘Gentle’ and ‘Moderate’ Sudoku games and reckoned that completing one of those in two or three days was a not inconsiderable triumph.'
  13. 'In nine outings against the not inconsiderable might of Sri Lanka and Pakistan, the artist formerly known as ‘White Lightning’ grabbed 16 wickets at barely 20 runs apiece.'


1. small, as in value, amount, or size.

2. not worth consideration or notice; trivial.

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"sums can be inconsiderable."

"amounts can be inconsiderable."

"parts can be inconsiderable."

"rewards can be inconsiderable."

"prices can be inconsiderable."

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Late 16th century (in the sense ‘impossible to imagine’): from French, or from late Latin inconsiderabilis, from in- ‘not’ + considerabilis ‘worthy of consideration’ (see considerable).