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(of a person or mental process) intelligently analytical and clear-thinking.
  1. 'While the progressive implications of some of the films seem tangential, the analysis is generally incisive and occasionally provocative.'
  2. 'He is incisive, can bowl for long periods, and keeps coming at the batsmen; for them the pressure seldom ceases.'
  3. 'Perhaps he is more incisive on individually produced artefacts like paintings or buildings.'
  4. 'That much is clear from your letters related to my incisive analysis last week, exploring Google's ills.'
  5. 'Since he dictates all of his written work, the way he writes and the way he talks are identical: ornate, elaborate, old-fashioned, yet incisive and clear.'
  6. 'The writing is fresh, the analyses incisive - all the things that are necessary for a good work of history.'
  7. 'With clear tables and incisive arguments, it is a single-volume reference on this vexing sociocultural problem.'
  8. 'He is always incisive and insightful, and understands Wagner's epic character almost as well as anyone.'
  9. 'He does not seek to be fashionable, yet his incisive analysis of social and political realities reflects a distinctive outlook.'
  10. 'Uday is a screaming crazy who lacks his father's deft administrative touch, incisive analytical skills, brimming compassion, and sense of restraint.'
  11. 'the songs offer incisive pictures of American ways'
  12. 'Its impact is enhanced by incisive writing and compelling evidence in profusion.'
  13. 'These articles are the most incisive and intelligent I've yet seen anywhere, and I seriously hope you will continue to draw more detailed conclusions from this case.'
  14. 'You can look forward to some retrospective travel notes, complaints about summer TV and other incisive, analytical gems.'
  15. 'Although her passion, and commitment to accuracy, decency and incisive writing never deserted her, Gay's health progressively did, and her final years were not happy.'
  16. 'Most of the jokes aren't laugh-aloud funny but they are incisive.'
  17. 'The writing is pithy and incisive and sometimes devastatingly accurate.'
  18. 'I'm only into the second chapter, but it's incredibly incisive stuff: simple anecdotes that illustrate simple yet powerful principles.'
  19. 'The pages brim with incisive descriptions and exquisite pictures of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Patagonia.'
  20. 'They are incisive, beautifully written, witty and very personal.'
  21. 'I thought the last paragraph was the most incisive passage in the piece.'
(of an action) quick and direct.
  1. 'Making only their second appearance in this championship, they had opened brightly enough, showing some neat, incisive play in attack.'
  2. 'Argentina started to take control of the game, with a patient game in the back and quick and incisive counter-attacks, complemented of course by their lethal penalty corners.'
  3. 'Friedel, who was a virtual spectator for the vast majority of the afternoon, had to save smartly from Geremi early on following an incisive move down the right.'
  4. 'But there's something terrifically right and incisive about her every move in the first few scenes.'
  5. 'After a scrappy start, both teams settled down with York producing a series of incisive moves, all of which collapsed either at the whistle of the referee or their own indiscretions.'
  6. 'However, Keighley showed ruthless finishing almost on half-time as their backs opened up Park with an incisive move to score the try, making it 3-11 at the break.'
  7. 'His incisive, direct running was a breath of fresh air and it was no surprise when he cut through to create the Bulls' second.'
  8. 'Donegal put together another incisive move in the 19th minute, Hegarty netting with aplomb.'
  9. 'How pleasing to see quick, incisive passing and astute running off the ball again.'
  10. 'Kendal managed to construct some incisive moves and penetrating attacks but they came to nothing.'


1. penetrating; cutting; biting; trenchant: an incisive tone of voice.

2. remarkably clear and direct; sharp; keen; acute: an incisive method of summarizing the issue.

3. adapted for cutting or piercing.

4. of or relating to the incisors: the incisive teeth.

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"analyses can be incisive."

"people can be incisive."

"canals can be incisive."

"bowlings can be incisive."

"minds can be incisive."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘cutting, penetrating’): from medieval Latin incisivus, from Latin incidere ‘cut into’ (see incise).