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Lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose.
  1. 'inadequate funding'
  2. 'He said government funding was inadequate and had failed to keep up with rising costs.'
  3. 'We all know that the state pension is probably inadequate for most working people.'
  4. 'Whatever plans that were in place to deal with such a natural disaster have proven inadequate.'
  5. 'Evidence also exists that the quality of such care in hospitals and general practices is inadequate.'
  6. 'They said the new homes would overlook existing homes, and complained there was inadequate parking.'
  7. 'This has resulted in people having to drive there and try to leave their vehicles in a totally inadequate parking area.'
  8. 'He claims parking facilities are inadequate and signposting of wards is poor.'
  9. 'However the quality of the studies was inadequate and more research is needed.'
  10. 'The National Assembly's system of passing legislation has proved inadequate.'
  11. 'The security procedure at St Augustine's clearly is inadequate and must be improved urgently.'
  12. 'I felt like a fraud, inadequate to the task'
  13. 'At the same time, he felt inadequate to the task of measuring up to either parent's expectations.'
  14. 'The power to make and break little lives can sometimes make people feel inadequate and uncomfortable.'

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1. not adequate or sufficient; inept or unsuitable.

2. Psychiatry. ineffectual in response to emotional, social, intellectual, and physical demands in the absence of any obvious mental or physical deficiency.

More examples(as adjective)

"actions can be inadequate to situations."

"rains can be inadequate for operations."

"radiographs can be inadequate for things."

"possessions can be inadequate at times."

"people can be inadequate for situations."

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