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Easily influenced.
  1. 'Watching all those movies at such an impressionable age, I always wanted to grow up to be Cary Grant.'
  2. 'My thoughts immediately turned to Laurent, whom I met during my impressionable university years.'
  3. 'At the impressionable ages between 13 and 16 peer pressure is the biggest influence.'
  4. 'I entreat all of you who have any sort of influence over impressionable young minds to introduce them to the great bands of the past.'
  5. 'He had grown into quite a handsome young man and found that, if his targets were young and impressionable enough, he could appear charming.'
  6. 'I know some things get said about the media influencing the behaviour of impressionable minds, but I'm not so sure.'
  7. 'It can have a lasting effect on people, especially when they're at an impressionable age.'
  8. 'More than half our population is youth who are at a very impressionable age.'
  9. 'I also thought about the influence that celebrities have on young impressionable teeny boppers.'
  10. 'Maybe the problems arose when the players became less impressionable as they got a little bit older and weren't so willing to listen.'


1. easily impressed or influenced; susceptible: an impressionable youngster.

2. capable of being impressed.

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"people can be impressionable."

"ages can be impressionable."

"years can be impressionable."

"children can be impressionable."

"minds can be impressionable."

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Mid 19th century: from French, from impressionner, from Latin impressio(n-), from the verb imprimere ‘press into’ (see imprint).