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Not adapted for use or action; not sensible or realistic.
  1. 'his impractical romanticism'
  2. 'There is a tendency to be impractical and too idealistic in your thinking.'
  3. 'We discussed the trip and the people and whether he thought it would be impractical for me.'
  4. 'Thus, encourage every single member of your team to be an ideas scout - not all new ideas may be practical - but the impractical ideas could lead to superior ideas.'
  5. 'Pursuing art seemed impractical, so he joined the family concrete block manufacturing business.'
  6. 'In a 1986 book, Matsunaga came up with a brilliant, idealistic, impractical, and visionary idea.'
  7. 'I believe this is both wildly impractical and a recipe for failure.'
  8. 'He told me that he wanted to get me something silly, something completely impractical.'
  9. 'We hope he will join us in looking for realistic proposals to solve this problem instead of inventing impractical schemes like some latter day Walter Mitty.'
  10. 'He said their proposals were too widely drawn, impractical and unworkable.'
  11. 'There is much in the words and thoughts of the Romantic poets that is excessive or impractical, but their beliefs and the passion with which they pursued them still serve as an example.'
  12. 'Such is the stereotype of the impractical philosopher.'
  13. 'Academics are supposed to be the impractical ones: the theorists.'
  14. '‘I found myself being called a tool of the Communists and an impractical religious visionary,’ Ryan wrote.'
  15. 'She had certainly been an attractive woman but, as he soon discovered, she was also impractical, ineffectual and, above all, conventional.'
Impossible to do; impracticable.
  1. 'The production of similar fuels from water, CO 2, and sunlight is at present impractical because the required devices are either costly or inefficient.'
  2. 'If a site is extremely large, it becomes impractical to create and maintain an A-Z index for it.'
  3. 'It would be impractical to ask to patients to assess their own night vision out of doors.'
  4. 'Television chiefs had considered using a genuine Hindu temple in the city for filming, but realised it would be impractical to take over a place of religious worship for an estimated six days.'
  5. 'It is generally impractical to provide reservoir storage for extremely large and infrequent floods.'
  6. 'Media interest has spiralled to the point that one-on-one interviews are impractical.'
  7. 'The Kyoto Protocol was derided by some in the United States as a fantasy, impractical to implement and unfair in that it did not enlist developing countries in this ‘global’ effort.'
  8. 'Early in the outbreak, vaccination had been considered but was not called on because it was deemed impractical.'
  9. 'However, the complexity of construction and the costs involved in gathering all the needed components make this impractical for most people.'
  10. 'In practice, it proved impractical to sustain all the original principles in this legislation, particularly the principle that a married couple would share a common nationality.'


1. not practical or useful.

2. not capable of dealing with practical matters; lacking sense.

3. idealistic.

4. impracticable.

More examples(as adjective)

"uses can be impractical for programs."

"supervisions can be impractical for days."

"schemes can be impractical on scales."

"schemes can be impractical for amounts."

"pasts can be impractical for planners."

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