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So slight, gradual, or subtle as not to be perceived.
  1. 'He lived in a world of fine gradations and imperceptible shades.'
  2. 'Almost imperceptible on screen, it is actually made up of tiny chickens' feet and is repeated on the buttons of her dress.'
  3. 'There was an almost imperceptible shuffle on the stairs.'
  4. 'Without museums, the skills of the sculptor and the various dialects of tribes in the country would have been imperceptible now, he said.'
  5. 'My shadow, briefly cutting sunlight, changes the land's chemistry in imperceptible ways that make us one.'
  6. 'The line between rock musicians and seven-year-olds is often imperceptible.'
  7. 'Yet the incursions on free speech can be insidious and imperceptible.'
  8. 'I think there's an imperceptible incline, which makes sense as I was following the river upstream, so no cruising.'
  9. 'It was subtle, almost imperceptible from where we were sitting, but I noticed it and so did Lori.'
  10. 'A slight almost imperceptible vibration of the vessel was felt.'


1. very slight, gradual, or subtle: the imperceptible slope of the road.

2. not perceptible; not perceived by or affecting the senses. noun

3. something not capable of being perceived by the senses: metaphysical speculation about imperceptibles.

More examples(as adjective)

"flickers can be imperceptible as littles."

"districts can be imperceptible to alls."

"differences can be imperceptible on alls."

"changes can be imperceptible."

"signs can be imperceptible."

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Late Middle English: from French, or from medieval Latin imperceptibilis, from in- ‘not’ + perceptibilis, from the verb percipere (see perceive).