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Not having a clear description or limits; vague.
  1. 'We also believe absolutely that there is no place in this day and age for an ill-defined concept of spirituality.'
  2. 'It's a war unlike any war that's gone before, with ill-defined enemies and with no clear campaign methodology on which to call.'
  3. 'In the Collins Review it's presented as a vague and ill-defined feel-good motherhood concept.'
  4. 'Instead it recognises ‘signs and symptoms of ill-defined conditions’ for which veterans can claim disability pensions.'
  5. 'No, he favors a vague and ill-defined form of collective ownership that the workers will figure out as they bumble and stumble along towards bankruptcy.'
  6. 'I'd rather discuss specific authors and their ideas, rather than some vague, ill-defined movement.'
  7. 'Offutt provides a weak and ill-defined concept of region as the basis for her placement of Saltillo.'
  8. 'Scotland remains vague and ill-defined in the US consciousness.'
  9. 'Official favour is still needed in a country with a shaky legal system, ill-defined property rights and political protection that can be abruptly removed.'
  10. 'It is therefore of some concern that the management failures identified by the Scottish expert group appear to be ill-defined and ambiguous.'



1. badly or inadequately defined; vague: He confuses the reader with ill-defined terms and concepts.

More examples(as adjective)

"ownerships can be ill-defined in things."

"jobs can be ill-defined in terms."

"disks can be ill-defined with arms."

"boundaries can be ill-defined at times."

"borders can be ill-defined in places."

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