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(especially of a liquid) very cold; as cold as ice.
  1. 'We were going to Little Italy and ordering a king-sized pizza pie, and ice-cold beer for everyone.'
  2. 'I completely submerged myself in the ice-cold water, but resurfaced feeling refreshed and quickly dried out.'
  3. 'The ice-cold foam swept over their feet sending chills down their spines.'
  4. 'The salty blood was replaced by ice-cold, refreshing cleanliness of the water and his fear subsided.'
  5. 'Before you start whining about the hassle involved, grab an ice-cold lemonade and chill out.'
  6. 'All you need do then is top up with ice-cold fizzy lemonade, or ginger beer if you prefer.'
  7. 'Toronto has just launched a pioneering project to air-condition downtown office buildings by using ice-cold water from Lake Ontario.'
  8. 'He set the puck aside and took a seat next to Cory, clutching an ice-cold root beer.'
  9. 'An ice-cold glass of cranberry juice makes a tasty, refreshing, and healthful drink on a warm spring day.'
  10. 'They're smooth and refreshing, at their best when served ice-cold.'
  11. 'he is the epitome of ice-cold judgement'



1. cold as ice: Her feet were ice-cold.

2. without warmth of feeling or manner; unemotional; passionless: an ice-cold reception.

More examples(as adjective)

"waters can be ice-cold."

"people can be ice-cold."

"beers can be ice-cold."

"stares can be ice-cold."

"seas can be ice-cold."

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