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Excessively and unreasonably critical, especially of small faults.
  1. 'He arrived with unbelievable natural talent and athleticism, yet he was still hypercritical of himself.'
  2. 'Arthur, even with the sometimes hypercritical nature of Ray's lyrics, is simply an album of wondrous moments.'
  3. 'Some are hypercritical, dwelling only on their mistakes.'
  4. 'I read in one of your answers how it only makes things worse to be hypercritical.'
  5. 'A perfect game of golf has never been played, but he was hypercritical.'
  6. 'You can be bored, scared, hypercritical, injured by a mascara wand or half-asleep, and nobody will be any the wiser.'
  7. 'I suppose it was hypercritical of me to say, after everything I had done, everything we had been through over the past months.'
  8. 'Their pride, anger, and hypercritical attitude made them far more unclean than the disciples.'
  9. 'Moore's brief doesn't understand this, and so it ends up making silly, hypercritical arguments.'
  10. 'Why should anyone care if Hollywood occasionally forgets to be hypercritical about American history?'


1. excessively or meticulously critical; overcritical.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be hypercritical."