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Having a high degree of heat or a high temperature.
  1. 'a hot day'
  2. 'On holiday in Tenerife, he opted to run in the hot sun in a bid to get used to the temperatures he will face in Africa.'
  3. 'Hopefully the temperatures won't be as hot as last year which should make climbing the Tor a little less traumatic.'
  4. 'She stepped into the hot bath and enjoyed the sensation of the warm water soaking into her aching bones.'
  5. 'The desert was hot, and the temperature was never less than ninety degrees during the day.'
  6. 'The hot summer sun will scorch your lawn if you cut it too low.'
  7. 'Crops were really showing the stress of the extremely hot temperatures and dry conditions all of last week.'
  8. 'The air was cool at first but as the day wore on, became increasingly hot and uncomfortable.'
  9. 'Usually, by now, many of us are starting to feel the tiring effects of the hot summer sun.'
  10. 'The temperature often topped 50 degrees celsius and the hot thermal winds blew with unbelievable ferocity.'
  11. 'The time to start this project is when the weather is sunny and hot - 80 degrees or more.'
  12. 'My back is sore, my clothes are hot and uncomfortable and I feel that I really must find a place to wash my face or I will die.'
  13. 'People are still talking about how hot and uncomfortable the first venue was!'
  14. 'Initially, we first went to sit down at another table but found it uncomfortably hot.'
  15. 'I was in a packed carriage and it was hot and uncomfortable and I was jostling for space with other irritated passengers, all wishing they had a seat.'
  16. 'But it was one of those days when his throat was hot and dry, and his eyes burned.'
  17. 'He stood up, finding that the sun was making him very hot, a sensation that Adam preferred to live without.'
  18. 'The train is not full because, due to the delays, it is now past rush hour but the carriage I sit in is uncomfortably hot and stuffy.'
  19. 'Bryan tittered nervously, and the two men sat in a very uncomfortable hot silence.'
  20. 'It makes you hot, sweaty, thirsty and uncomfortable and too much of it gives you cancer.'
  21. 'A hot flash is experienced as a warm or hot sensation that often begins at the top of the head and progresses toward the feet.'
  22. 'this soup is equally good hot or cold'
  23. 'A simple meal of soup, bread and cheese, followed by a hot drink, is served and a basket is available for voluntary donations as you leave.'
  24. 'He drank some hot coffee, ate three sandwiches, and had a quart of beer.'
  25. 'When they returned home, there were mince pies and hot drinks for everyone.'
  26. 'This is followed by a light meal of bread, fried plantains, or fried dumplings and a hot drink early in the evening.'
  27. 'It was perhaps the quickest I had ever prepared a hot drink, and it was in under a minute.'
  28. 'With the facilities open daily, young people will be able to get soft drinks, hot beverages and snacks.'
  29. 'It eased her mind and her spirit to prepare hot food for her family, to ready them for the day ahead.'
  30. 'A live food counter would serve hot dosas and appams prepared right in front of your eyes.'
  31. 'Thousands of people had spent the night in their cars, as firefighters distributed hot soup and food.'
  32. 'Eat plenty of hot food, drink lots of soup and tea; hypothermia is a very real danger that can come on very quickly with few telltale signs.'
  33. 'Chipmakers are constantly battling to ensure that their electronic chips don't run too hot.'
  34. 'It is so hot and radioactive that the miners use remote control equipment.'
(of food) containing or consisting of pungent spices or peppers which produce a burning sensation when tasted.
  1. 'Smoke was rising from the barbecue and the special mustard for the frying sausage was really hot and spicy.'
  2. 'The berbere is a hot sauce of cayenne pepper and twelve other spices.'
  3. 'Generally, Thai food is hot and spicy but is also sweet and sour.'
  4. 'Some hot spicy dishes contain so much chilli that you can't taste a damn thing.'
  5. 'Everyone has his or her favorite hot sauce or special spicy dish, and truly, the heat can be addictive.'
  6. 'When we do see him eat out it is often at a Mexican take-out, where quantities of hot sauce disguise the taste.'
  7. 'It has a slightly peppery taste which accounts for its being named after the hot cayenne pepper.'
  8. 'Very occasionally, the fish was cooked in a hot sauce.'
  9. 'Mix well to combine; season to taste with black pepper, hot sauce and sugar.'
  10. 'A Jamaican speciality, jerk pork is rubbed in hot spices and cooked over pimento wood to impart a memorable flavour.'
Filled with passionate excitement, anger, or other strong emotion.
  1. 'her reply came boiling out of her, hot with rage'
  2. 'All I felt was frustration and anger and hot emotions roiling through me.'
  3. 'One of the reasons why I'm still hot for him: we've been talking dirty all the way back home.'
  4. 'Amanda could almost smell his cologne and it made her feel very hot for him.'
  5. 'They had been so hot for each other, beginning to date right after her graduation from high school.'
  6. 'Jeremy is chatting up the hot American girl who lives in the next apartment.'
  7. 'The market is hot for Hollywood extravaganzas that fill screens at multiplexes.'
  8. 'He kept asking me to come over to his dorm for hot passion and the time of my life.'
  9. 'Jas was all hot for Jeremy and there was nothing I could do so why trouble myself?'
  10. 'He kissed her, it seemed simple and loving to the eye but it was a hot kiss with more emotion then either thought possible.'
  11. 'Mikey felt himself getting rather hot from this excitement, and both the girls could see it.'
  12. 'It wasn't hot and passionate - just a quick, sweet kiss that warmed me to the center of my being.'
  13. 'hot salsa and lambada dancing'
  14. 'Expect a swinging evening of sparkling interaction and some hot jazz standards.'
  15. 'The music is hot and skanky (in a good way, of course) and accessible to all audiences.'
  16. 'If Manhattan is a blast of hot jazz, Fairchild and his pilots recorded the entire, shifting, American symphony.'
  17. 'We have most of their album recorded and mixed, but we're looking for the hot single.'
  18. 'Everything was good, the music was hot, and she and Jae were by far the hottest things on the floor.'
  19. 'The Other Side Of The Bed is like a hot salsa antidote to all those cornball American musicals.'
  20. 'Also I am dj-ing at Ding Dong Lounge tonight if you want to come and hear the hot music.'
  21. 'Arriving at the club Cameron and Allison at once hopped onto the dance floor to dance to a hot techno song.'
  22. 'You know the Upstairs bar that's really downstairs, the cool place with the hot jazz?'
  23. 'We see it as continuing to do our thing, and trying to make hot music.'
Involving much activity, debate, or interest.
  1. 'A scheduling meeting, followed by a brainstorming session about some ideas for a hot new series.'
  2. 'There is absolutely no denying that competition in this arena is burning hot.'
  3. 'The disaster occurred in the middle of the federal election campaign and quickly became a hot political issue.'
  4. 'Obviously that's a hot debate that I'm just beginning to get into.'
  5. 'Both were criminally charged amid hot debate over whether the female officer should be punished in such a situation.'
  6. 'These used to be the sites of hot political and literary debate.'
  7. 'And there's no doubt that this hot debate on consciousness will continue.'
  8. 'The problem became a hot election issue, with cleaner hospitals a key manifesto pledge by the Conservative Party.'
  9. 'But of late the hot debate is why many women are choosing not to marry and others are opting for the union later in life.'
  10. 'Simple as the question looks, it has become the centre of a hot debate between some local officials and scholars.'
  11. 'The real question for industry watchers to be looking at is whose sad story will be the hot topic throughout the fall?'
  12. 'Usually at CES, one or two hot new mobile electronics aftermarket products stand out.'
  13. 'Yet the formal inquiry dragged on for a week and became the latest hot topic for talkback radio and office gossip.'
  14. 'And it was only days ago the prospect of aiming for Mars again was hot news.'
  15. 'He sells papers, leads the evening news, and is the hot topic on talk shows.'
  16. 'We'll be talking about the hot news items of the week, and we'll have a solidly conservative perspective.'
  17. 'The stories were hot topics for major news outlets and bloggers, due to the companies involved and the massive number of compromised records.'
  18. 'What is hot news this month in the U.S.A. is a five-year-old story to the rest of the world.'
  19. 'It was a moment that shocked Britain; that made a tedious election campaign the hot topic of all our gossip.'
  20. 'Outsourcing may be a hot topic in the news, but the practice is as old as computers themselves.'
  21. 'But the nine o'clock news needs something now, while the news is still hot.'
  22. 'So, anyway, I can exclusively report my hot surf fashion tips.'
  23. 'Trousers and trouser suits were hot fashion in the early 1970s and everyone tried to make them their own.'
  24. 'I was shocked to see fur listed as a hot fashion item, not once, but several times.'
  25. 'At any moment, one can look at eBay to get a real-time reading on what's hot.'
  26. 'Buying clothing is not like shopping around for the latest electronic gadget or a hot set of wheels.'
  27. 'Using these as a guide, we've done our own bit of research as to whether York as a place to live is hot or not.'
  28. 'In 12 months' time, the event will be staged again, and four more hopefuls will vie for the title of hot new fashion star.'
  29. 'He used to be more ridiculed than respected, now his Che Guevara T-shirts are hot fashion items.'
  30. 'The USB flash drive has become a hot product in the past few years, thanks to dropping prices and sheer convenience.'
  31. 'In my opinion, if you have something hot, price it more; otherwise, price it less.'
  32. 'a hot chick'
  33. 'Jeremy is chatting up the hot American girl who lives in the next apartment.'
  34. 'It has everything that makes a spy show great; hot chicks, nifty gadgets, and cliffhanger endings.'
  35. 'Coming toward me, walking so close to Jake they seemed joined at the hip, was the hottest woman I had ever seen.'
  36. 'We stood outside in line for close to an hour and eventually got to talking to two incredibly hot girls standing next to us.'
  37. 'Sure, she's hot, but so are 75% of the under-30 actresses floating around in Hollywood.'
  38. 'Once picking up hot scent, he bores in and busts birds out of the cover to provide the gun a shot.'
Very knowledgeable or skilful.
  1. 'The purveyor of fine art, who also makes an honest buck with cartoons and wacky drawings, is hot on humour.'
  2. 'They're great at scaring us with how much we pay into Europe, not so hot on telling us what we get out of it.'
  3. 'Its demeanour is that of the same old story as they have once again failed to exceed their own limitations, making it a must for fans but not so hot for the rest of us.'
  4. 'Maybe putting all of Brian's and Freddie's songs all by themselves on their own album sides wasn't such a hot idea.'
  5. 'Contreras and Hernandez don't look so hot on paper, but they've been able to get the outs they need when they need them.'
  6. 'Unlike their high street namesakes however, fund supermarkets are not always so hot on choice or price.'
  7. 'And since the Department of Public Prosecutions are so hot on prosecuting hatred and bigotry, let me point out an example to them.'
  8. 'Referee Nigel Owens was hot on this to begin with, and the Borders played accordingly.'
Difficult to deal with.
  1. 'Even with four firemen in their squad, Hoylake simply found him too hot to handle.'
  2. 'Unfortunately, unlike cutting taxes, cutting spending is a task that even the most fearless of politicians usually finds too hot to handle.'
  3. 'Five African elephants will be re-homed in France because they have become too hot to handle.'
  4. 'At times, things got a little hot for the celebrities and teachers jumped out of their standby mode.'
  5. 'Out on the roads round Rivington, near Bolton, York's Charly Wegelius once again found the Aussies too hot to handle.'
  6. 'Some people, of course, might find it too hot to handle.'
  7. 'Shane Coogan's free proved too hot to handle and Philip Roche was quickest to react and he prodded the ball home.'
  8. 'Cygnet's captain Angela Powell led from the front as Leeman found them too hot to handle.'
  9. 'Pakistan needing nine runs from the final over found Nehra too hot to handle, managing just three runs.'
  10. 'In those first vital hours, the police decided to publicise the raid as much as possible in a bid to make the stolen pictures too hot to handle.'
  11. 'Police decided to publicise the robbery as much as possible in an effort to make the paintings too hot to handle.'


Make or become hot.
  1. 'So we've hotted it up a lot and the attitude is far more curt.'
  2. 'And so as the temperature hots up outside will the summer heat make love blossom, losing the need for mediated dating?'
  3. 'Battle plans to force the Post Office to re-think proposals to shut three Swindon branches are hotting up.'
  4. 'With just under a week to go, the battle for the Beverley and Holderness constituency - the most marginal Yorkshire seat for the Tories with a slim 1,211 majority last time - was hotting up.'
  5. 'It's as you were in all the five divisions of the Horwath Pulleyn Heselton League as all the leaders won their games on Saturday, but competition for the other promotion places is hotting up.'
  6. 'Competition for places up front is certainly hotting up now, and I would expect him to be in the squad tonight.'
  7. 'Unfortunately for them Del caught them as ‘Gladiator’ Rodney and ‘Police Woman’ Cassandra hotted things up in the flat.'
  8. 'The temperature of a warm evening hotted up on the field too with David Tiernan and Kevin Browne in the thick on the action both receiving yellow cards on seven minutes.'
  9. 'Ethan has returned from the sea, the Fictionsuits are finally full strength, and I think things are going to start hotting up over there at last - though that's my fault as least as much as anyone else's.'
  10. 'Yes, things are hotting up here (not physically).'
  11. 'The row is hotting up over moves to have Yorkshire County Cricket Club's committee of 12 elected on a first-past-the-post basis instead of the present district representation.'
  12. 'Since then the pace has hotted up further with a series of highly successful gigs and festival appearances on both sides of the Atlantic and, less than a year after his Mercury triumph, a follow-up album.'
  13. 'Things are starting to hot up as the political parties gear up to contest next June's Local Elections for the three seats to Carlow County Council in the Borris Electoral Area.'
  14. 'The contest now hots up and votes are vital over the next few weeks as the contestants are whittled down to just two finalists.'
  15. 'The pace of Irish initiatives is gradually hotting up, however.'
  16. 'Junior rugby league action is hotting up in July following the success of the Group One Under 16 side at the NSW Country Championships in Coffs Harbour.'


1. having or giving off heat; having a high temperature: a hot fire; hot coffee.

2. having or causing a sensation of great bodily heat; attended with or producing such a sensation: He was hot with fever.

3. creating a burning sensation, as on the skin or in the throat: This ointment is hot, so apply it sparingly.

4. sharply peppery or pungent: Is this mustard hot?

5. having or showing intense or violent feeling; ardent; fervent; vehement; excited: a h

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