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Feeling or inspiring optimism about a future event.
  1. with clause 'he remained hopeful that something could be worked out'
  2. 'Her father John said it was a terrible time for the family but they are hopeful she will make a good recovery.'
  3. 'Indeed, attendance at the conference might itself be taken as a hopeful sign.'
  4. 'He is now waiting for the board to make their final decision but is hopeful he will prove the right man for the job.'
  5. 'He added that he was hopeful the approval would be given by the end of January.'
  6. 'It was generally agreed that what was happening was very hopeful and a step in the right direction.'
  7. 'The country became a magnet for the international left, who saw hopeful signs in the revolution.'
  8. 'From the feedback received, the Committee is hopeful the the matter will be sorted out.'
  9. 'The club is hopeful the team will be able to turn out in its new away kit in the first league game of the season at Hartlepool on Saturday.'
  10. 'However, their bright and hopeful view of the future certainly stayed in my mind.'
  11. 'One of the things that might compromise these hopeful signs is the disarray of the US labour movement.'


A person likely or hoping to succeed.
  1. 'TV's Pop Idol gripped the nation as thousands of young hopefuls competed for the prize of a record contract.'
  2. 'The band members, along with thousands of other young hopefuls performed for a place in a pop band.'
  3. 'To many young hopefuls, it appears the best way of getting onto Top Of The Pops.'
  4. 'Other young hopefuls will be hoping to impress on their three - match tour.'
  5. 'Last year's musical was West Side Story and the young hopefuls taking part were asked to nominate this year's show.'
  6. 'Everyone is hoping interest rates remain low and that the young hopefuls still come to the city with their outsize hopes.'
  7. 'At this, a couple of selection team hopefuls get up and reluctantly drag themselves from the room.'
  8. 'Are these young hopefuls about to be overtaken by the new intake of 2005?'
  9. 'That could pave the way for the region to produce a new crop of young Olympic hopefuls such as Richard Buck.'
  10. 'More than 106 hopefuls took part in a two-hour workshop to win the role.'


1. full of hope; expressing hope: His hopeful words stimulated optimism.

2. exciting hope; promising advantage or success: a hopeful prospect. noun

3. a person who shows promise or aspires to success: the Democratic presidential hopeful.

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"people can be hopeful of things."

"people can be hopeful of agreements."

"people can be hopeful of progresses."

"people can be hopeful by dates."

"people can be hopeful of deals."

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