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Subject (milk) to a process in which the fat droplets are emulsified and the cream does not separate.
  1. 'Our milk is ‘cold separated’ and homogenized, but not UHT pasteurized.'
  2. 'For instance, homogenized milk is an emulsion made up of butterfat droplets dispersed in water.'
  3. 'Milk may be homogenized to stop the cream from rising to the top.'
  4. 'Excess cream is removed for standardization and the standardized product is homogenized and further heated to 175 degrees, held for 30 seconds, then quickly cooled to 34 degrees.'
  5. 'pancreatic tissue from each animal was homogenized'
  6. 'Total RNA preparations were made as described in Ashburner, except that tissues were homogenized directly, without previous grinding in liquid nitrogen.'
  7. 'Vesicles were obtained by first homogenizing the tissue then removing the unsolubilized particles in a clinical centrifuge.'
Make uniform or similar.
  1. 'American culture (if you want to call it that) is becoming homogenized to the point where it's getting hard to tell one place from another.'
  2. 'It's a sad fact, but the opera world has become so businesslike, singing styles so generic, and the stars so homogenized, that there is virtually nothing left to make fun of.'
  3. 'Women's experiences tend to be homogenized, and rarely are the voices heard of women from the margins who are multiply oppressed.'
  4. 'Advertising is one of the most corrupt, thoughtless, homogenized, creatively bankrupt means of communication and artistic expression.'
  5. 'How terribly homogenized, predictable and boring we've all become.'
  6. 'In this scenario, Aboriginal diversity is erased, with linguistic, cultural, and ceremonial differences homogenized within the one stereotypical image.'
  7. 'If diversity is always imagined in the same ways, it becomes, ironically, homogenized, and loses its power to unsettle established ways of thinking.'
  8. 'Just as America is becoming a monochromatic world of look-alike stores, so too the entire world is getting a bit more homogenized with CNN and the Internet.'
  9. 'Multiculturalism is a part of oneself, one's own society, no matter how homogenized the society may be.'
  10. 'The old bands couldn't compete with the new bands - technology let every band sound like they had an orchestra at their command - and yet, all the new music was so homogenized.'

More definitions

1. to form by blending unlike elements; make homogeneous.

2. to prepare an emulsion, as by reducing the size of the fat globules in (milk or cream) in order to distribute them equally throughout.

3. to make uniform or similar, as in composition or function: to homogenize school systems.

4. Metallurgy. to subject (metal) to high temperature to ensure uniform diffusion of components. verb (used without object), homogenized, homogenizi

More examples(as adjective)

"worlds can be homogenized."

"personnels can be homogenized."