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Tentative, unsure, or slow in acting or speaking.
  1. 'her slow, hesitant way of speaking'
  2. 'Life is the only inspiration for Kundan Shah in an industry hesitant to accept his films.'
  3. 'Even Ferguson was reportedly hesitant in accepting the brief last Monday.'
  4. 'Thus the only superpower on Earth appears hesitant about projecting its power on the international stage.'
  5. 'Far from being a gesture of national confidence, our arts policy is hesitant and uncertain.'
  6. 'In times of writer's block, Dre has never been hesitant to seek alternative medicine.'
  7. 'On the other hand, the governor also seemed hesitant in giving orders to the military and police.'
  8. 'The staff was very hesitant, making excuses and delaying to show Tony his baby.'
  9. 'The actor was initially hesitant when he first heard of the project.'
  10. 'The kiss was slow and innocent at first, apprehensive; he was still hesitant and unsure.'
  11. 'Their passing moves, once their strongest feature, were hesitant and ragged, to be charitable.'


1. hesitating; undecided, doubtful, or disinclined.

2. lacking readiness of speech.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be hesitant about things."

"people can be hesitant to buyers."

"people can be hesitant at backs."

"markets can be hesitant to dollars."

"investors can be hesitant to buys."

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Late Middle English: from Latin haesitant- ‘being undecided’, from the verb haesitare (see hesitate).